Lakewood Boy Hit By Baseball Bat in Critical Condition

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baseball[Name for Tehillim below.] Lakewood, NJ – The Ihr Hatorah of Lakewood has mobilized in tefillah and tachnunim as a zechus for a thirteen-year-old yeshiva boy who was hit in the head today by a baseball bat.

The bochur, whose bar mitzvah took place this past week, was transported by Lakewood Hatzolah paramedics to Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune, NJ, where he is being treated for serious head injuries.

The bochur was accidentally hit in the head during a baseball game at a local Lakewood yeshiva about an hour ago.

The bochur remains in critical condition.

May we only hear besuros tovos.

Update: The name of the bochur for Tehillim is Yosef Mayer ben Miriam Henya.

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    Yosef Mayer ben Miriam Henya.


  2. poor boy who hit the bochur How terrible he must feel. lets daven for both of them May the
    bochur wake up and hopefully they will I”H dance at each others simchas
    Simchas Purim to all

  3. of course daven but remember that the gemara has numerous suggestions as to y gzeiros happen and what to do if r”l they happen. so maybe besides ” davening” perhaps commit to keeping the halacha of how to act in shul (during “davening”)may hashem send only yeshuos venechomos on this holy purim chag

  4. time for teshuva ASAP we shouldn’t need these tragedies to happen R”L to wake us up to teshuva.

    LET US START TESHUVA ASAP & avoid all future tragedies C”V

  5. Here is the message Hashem is sending: do what the professionals do. Ever notice that every single ballplayer in the batter’s box is wearing a helmet? That’s to protect against 90 mph baseballs flying at their heads, which can kill, of course. Flying bats can kill, too. Its a dangerous game at times and you need protection. Buy and wear a helmet at all times if you’re going to play baseball.
    Refuah shlaima to this young boy.

  6. no.15 is absolutely right,that is the message we have to take home from this tragedy,this has nothing to do with talking in shul or tznius or anything else some rabbi will come up with,this has only to do with the commandment of ISHMARTEM ES NAFSHOSACHEM,every kid MUST wear headgear when playing ball or on a bicycle

  7. Please, this boy was not playing baseball. He was NEAR the baseball field. It’s not the time for controversy; it’s time to beg and plead with Shomayim for Yosef Meir to have a refuah sheleima. If not for him and his family, pray, for my son who was holding his hand when this happened.

    May we hear b’suros tovos b’karov.

  8. The boy wasn’t playing. He was walking 20 feet from the batter, and not even near the field of play. Wear a helmet yourself, idiot.

  9. Why do we Yidden need to play dangerous games? Baseball is dangerous. I once got a ball in my face as a kid and that was the last time I ever played baseball. There are enough other, more safer, sports.

    My we only hear besoros tovas.

  10. Yes, thank you, and have an easy taanis and a simchadik purim, as well. My point to the helmet idea giver was to say that it’s idiotic to claim to know the solution when you don’t even know what happened!!

  11. to number 16 did you speak with hashem to be able to say that this has nothing to do with the need to work on issues? chazal teach the opposite. if something happens then we as individuals and or groups need to look at our actions because if som many paople are suffering it is meant to impact our lives and bring about improvements. If you ever consult with a rov why dont you ask him whether your opinion or mine is correct(if you have the courage to do so)


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