Lakewood C.E.R.T. 2017 Trainees Graduate

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Lakewood C.E.R.T. 2017 trainees graduated recently in the presence of the Ocean County C.E.R.T. Coordinator and the Lakewood OEM Coordinator as well as many other local VIPs.

Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) is a nationwide program under FEMA that gives individuals the knowledge and the tools to effectively assist their local neighborhoods and communities in times of crisis (i.e. hurricane, very large communal event).

The training is very hands on and utilizes experts in their respective fields, including presenters from the NJ State Police and Lakewood Hatzolah to teach the basic CERT curriculum as well as search and rescue, CPR, and CSI.

The program culminates in a disaster simulated drill to ensure that all trainees are well versed in their newly acquired skills.

For information on joining a Lakewood CERT Training, email [email protected].

Final - Lakewood Cert Main 2-13-17 from doubleuvideo on Vimeo.




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