Lakewood Commons Thanks Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles

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Lakewood’s Mayor Ray Coles visited Lakewood Commons to review the plans for the next phase and to demonstrate his support for affordable housing. Ray Coles has been a strong supporter of affordable housing since the beginning of Lakewood Commons in 2005.
At the meeting Ray said, “One of the projects that I am most proud of is Lakewood Commons. Providing affordable housing to growing families is one of the main reasons why I chose to be part of the township Committee”. It is therefore no surprise that the developers of Lakewood Commons decided to call the main road in Lakewood Commons “Coles Way”.

Rabbi Shmuel Lefkowitz, President of NJ HAND, INC., the nonprofit developer of Lakewood Commons said, “Getting to where we are today, we thank G-d for helping us overcome numerous difficult hurdles. Mayor Ray Coles was always there at our side guiding us, directing us, recommending resources and making sure that State government understands how important this project is for Lakewood”.
Shalom Landman, Project Director of Lakewood Commons said, “Ray Coles is responsive on an ongoing basis. In fact, most recently we had some governmental technical issues and Ray was there immediately to help us”.

Participating in the meeting were Mayor Ray Coles, Ervin Oross, Rabbi Shmuel Lefkowitz, Shalom Landman, Abe Penzer esq, Matt Gross (builder) and Sruly Fink.



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