Lakewood: Company Won’t Service Certain Areas Due to Traffic Gridlock

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  1. The exterminator has a choice to quit Lakewood with little collateral damage. We inhabitants of Lakewood that have invested in our houses cannot leave so easily. We are stuck with a terrible quality of life and we must sit in traffic for large parts of the day, every day. Last night I was coming home from a wedding at 11:30 PM on Rt. 9 and there was bumper to bumper traffic. Why are more and more building approvals being given when there is no way that the streets can handle it. It is a safety hazard and an impossible inconvenience. Who will stand up for the people of Lakewood?

  2. What you are saying it’s not true. While traffic is terrible at certain times of day, it’s not most of the day. I for one, have lived here for over 13 years and have seen the growth and traffic bit no way do u think we have a terrible quality of life. We live in a town of Bnei Torah, of wonderful schools, of Chesed, etc etc etc. If your quality of life is so bad, maybe you should move. And FYI, they are doing nighttime construction on Route 9 these days so that’s why you had traffic late last night. There is rarely traffic at nights even on Route 9

  3. Is there any reason why approvals are still being given for large complex after complex when no one can move on most of Lakewood’s main streets? Why is there tons of development still going on near Rt South, Cross Street, Prospect Street etc? These main streets in these areas are already parking lots.
    Why is County Line Road packed with new construction if the street is already bumper to bumper?
    Does Lakewood township have any respect for people that live here already?

  4. Based in this letter, can we say that as we sit in traffic, the ants and cockroaches are dancing? After all, they’re safe!

  5. July 11 6:15. We live in a wonderful town of bnei Torah despite the impositions on our quality of life. Not because of it.
    As far as traffic goes, Rt. 9 South and County Line Road suffer from heavy traffic for large parts of the day.

    Your logic is also flawed. Just because we live a wonderful town of chessed and bnei Torah, is that a reason why we have to resign ourselves to sitting in traffic on so many of the main thoroughfares? We are allowed to assert our rights as tax paying citizens of Lakewood to have a town where building does not compromise quality of life and safety. i recently spoke to a person in Hatzolah and he told me that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get to calls and to the hospital in a timely fashion because the traffic makes it so difficult. I think it is high time that concerned Lakewooders make their voices heard. Enough of the silent majority.

  6. I was late to maariv, the traffic is aחול ערער, why can’t people go somewhere else and make room for the extreminators? Why?

  7. If your complaint would be about traffic on the side streets you would have a point . Route nine is often times in chaos all the way up to freehold. although over the last 20 years they widened route 9 in many areas all the way up to Oldbridge, Lakewood has been left out. you cannot expect to live with infrastructure from horse and buggy days quite literally and expect to get around. you cannot expect people who own properties not to develop them either.we have to let our politicians know a what our priorities are they have to decide what to ask for.

  8. no one cares about the quality of life and traffic. lakewood, on many streets is WORSE than brookln and it will only get worse
    i will not single out any specific development and new ones under construction, but we all know what they are
    the only solution is to stop approving development that will directly effect congestion
    but dont hold your breath it aint happening anytime soon

  9. Maybe now,finally, you complainers will wake up and think for yourself before you vote. Not just listen to those chain calls. Use your head.

  10. they can develop the land but only as single family homes.
    i am ready to move out of but where would i go? my kids are in school, i have a job, why should i have to move out? so others can move in?? not right


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