Lakewood Couple Wins Wheels To Lease Facebook Free Car Giveaway Contest

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wheels-for-lease[Video below.] This Chanukah, Zvi and Devora Silver, of Lakewood, NJ showed up at Wheels To Lease to collect the ultimate gift: a brand new, 2012 Nissan Altima. The Silvers are the winners of Wheels To Lease Facebook Free Car Giveaway contest that awarded them with a free two-year lease. The social media based contest garnered nearly 4,500 participants.

“I never imagined I would win a free car,” remarked Mr. Silver, “They’ve been unbelievably kind… The new car will definitely make our life easier, make getting around easier.

The giveaway was held in celebration of the company’s twenty years of providing the Jewish community with unbeatable prices and exceptional customer service. “We’ve been in businesses for over twenty years, and I felt like it was a good time to show our appreciation to one really lucky person,” says CEO Shlomie Hershkop. “Tens of thousands of families keep coming back to us lease after lease. That’s a pretty big accomplishment!”

The Silvers are newlyweds, having just got married ten months ago, with a baby on the way. The Altima will be the first new car they have ever owned. Winning the car at this point in their lives is perfectly appropriate, explained Hershkop. “Giving away a car is an amazing, thrilling experience,” he said, “It’s an awesome feeling knowing you made this family more complete.”

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  1. They didnt win a car they won a 2 yr lease- after which they have to give the car back. They probably have to give it back in mint condition – so they better take care of it – or it will cost them in the end.

  2. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

    to #3.. always a nasty comment in the bunch. yes it is a lease. worth approximately $5000. so if thats not good enough for you, i dont know what is..

  3. Kudos to everyone involved. In the future, contest organizers need to pay close attention to FB’s Terms of Service.

    Most recent tsedaka and jewish marketing initiatives trade “like”s for entries. This is against FB’s TOS and they will take down the page.


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