Lakewood Courier Apologizes After Anti-Vaccine Material Was Delivered to Thousands of Homes

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    • They are not saying any retraction of the original letter because, as they state right here in this announcement, their company does not announce its own opinions on such topics. Quote: “the Lakewood Courier usually distances itself from taking positions on societal issues.” Their whole apology here is that they would not want to distribute material that many of the recipients would be so vehemently angered at.

  1. Anti-vaxxers have a lot on their cheshbon. It’s as bad as if there was an organized group trying to get parents not to secure their children via car seats, seat belts and other restraints. While there are exceedingly rare cases where a vehicles safety device caused injury, those cases are so rare compared to the lives saved it’s recklessly dangerous not to use those devices.

  2. actually, it’s ridiculous for them to take any responsibility for delivering anything. They only did it because some immature people feel very threatened when people don’t think exactly like they do. Are we suing the US postal service for delivering missionary material? Are we screaming at the papers when they put in an ad for a supermarket that advertises e-cigarettes? The Courier is a delivery service that is allowed to deliver things that people pay them for. It’s time for everybody to grow up.

  3. I actually thought it was very interesting and informative. I don’t see anything wrong with the Lakewood courier having delivered it. They are a business like any other.


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