Special Report: Lakewood Deals With Latest Storm

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snow-LakewoodMatzav Report: Updated: Following a meeting of officials on Friday ahead of the Shabbos snowstorm, the Township of Lakewood, NJ, was better prepared to respond to the approximately 18 inches of snow that fell beginning last night at about 9 p.m., and continuing today until roughly 3:30 p.m.

The Friday meeting was attended by over a dozen Township officials, including Police Chief Rov Lawson, Committeemen Meir Lichtenstein and Menashe Miller, Department of Public Works Director John Franklin, OEM Coordinator Ken Dix, Rabbi Yisroel Shenkolewski and Chaplain Rabbi Moshe Dovid Ehrman, among others.

The Township sent out its team of plows bright and early today to start on the cleanup, even as the snow fell. While men and boys trudged to shul across town, the plows made their way through the main arteries first, clearing those before moving on to the less traveled streets.

“Without a doubt, the workers were aided by the fact that there were no Yidden on the roads,” an askan told Matzav.com shortly after Shabbos.

Some streets weren’t plowed until very late in the day, but thus far, from conversations with officials and residents, the plowing effort was far more comprehensive and effective than following the last storm in December, also on a Shabbos, when residents unleashed a barrage of criticism in the direction of the Department of Public Works and Township officials.

“I believe they were really on top of their game today,” the askan told Matzav.com, “and we thank those workers who put in extremely long shifts to cover as many streets as possible.”

Residents were encouraged to be cautious though. “If it is not an emergency,” said the askan, “stay indoors. Stay off the roads – for your safety.”

As for the many inquiries from those traveling back to Lakewood from New York and other locales, the roads surrounding Lakewood, especially the main thoroughfares and highways, are drivable. In Lakewood, the driving is slow, but the roads, for the most part, are passable.



In southern New Jersey, some 27 inches fell, creating blizzard conditions and knocking out power for tens of thousands of residents.

Governor Chris Christie, handling his first major snow storm as governor, is touring the state to view the storm conditions.

Earlier today, a group of Assembly Democratic lawmakers from southern New Jersey asked Christie to request emergency help from the federal government to help pay for the costs accrued during the ongoing snowstorm.

“Taxpayers already have had a difficult enough time making ends meet during these tough economic times,” Assemblyman Nelson Albano (D-Cumberland) said in a statement. “The last thing we need is to see our residents to take a big property tax hit when cleanup help may be out there.”

The lawmakers stressed that federal funding is available to the state and eligible local governments on a cost-sharing basis for emergency work and the repair or replacement of facilities damaged by snowstorms.

“I want to see the conditions for myself, then make that determination on our own,” Christie told KYW-TV in Philadelphia. He said that so far no local governments had asked for state assistance.

Because the snow did not affect the northern part of the state, Newark Airport, as well as JFK and LaGuardia, are operating normally, according to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates the airports. But many airlines were dealing with delays and cancellations due to flights in heavier affected cities.

Sunday is expected to be sunny, but also breezy and cold, with highs in the 20s across northern parts of the state and in the low to mid-30s near the shore.

{Dovid Bernstein-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Thanks to John Franklin and the dept of publci works. well done. i would just recommend to pplow closer to the ground., they leave to much over

  2. I agree with what the article says that it was bec. there were no yidden on the road that it helped. otehrwise it would have been a balagan. they were very lucky it was shabbos. very lucky.

  3. a special thank you to “fun unzere.”
    and thank you to Feivish from oorah.
    and thanks to John Franklin. (Is he Jewish?)
    and thanks to BMG
    and thanks to Rabbi Kotler
    and thanks to Mekimi
    and thanks to Chai Liefline
    and thanks to Menashe “P” Miller
    and thanks to Yussi from Yussi’s
    and thanks to Shloimy from SHloimy’s
    and thanks to Eli from Elis
    and thanks to Yitzy from Bagel Nosh
    and thanks to everyone for plowing the snow

  4. WHat happened on Williams Street? they came, and then they came back, but the first time nothing happened. I think better coordination is needed.

  5. my kids complained the whole day that they won’t miss any school bec. of the snow. We had two storms and only one day off from school!

  6. anyone know of a company avilable to do plowing? if you do, please leave a phone number. thank you. (in lakewood)

  7. to all you lakewooders. i thought you werent allowed to have internet in lakewood? only for business related? sooo did you all lie on your school applications?

  8. #4 i’m with you all the way what askan if you a news reporter your an askan if you a garbage trucker your an askan and if you go to the bathroom your also an

  9. The mir asifa will Bezras Hash-m still take place tomorrow in Bais Feigah the Rosh Hayeshiva Shlit’a will Be”h be there and now more then ever it would be a great chizuk for him to see you there. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!

  10. The Snow as cleaned much better this time around. The Township refused till now to admit that they don’t know how to clean snow.
    Lakewood’s Askonim are our “problem” not our “soultion”. If not for the Askonim we could get the town to act like any other normal town.

  11. Tonight I went out to shovel my driveway. The snow was easy to shovel because it was light and fluffy. But, when I got to the end of my driveway, I had to shovel packed down snow that the township plow shoved there, I worked harder on that than the rest of my driveway.But, all in all my street was B”H plowed very well, otherwise.

  12. how do I become an ASSKAN?
    do u need a high IQ or none at all
    do u have to go to asskanus class
    do other asskanim havr to accept you?
    I have a job can I still become an askan?
    are there diffrent types of askanimn
    please enlighten me.

  13. Barry Zee #26 how’d ya figure that out?

    I am so impressed with lakewood public works, they did a great job! Thank you township!

  14. to “need plowing company”
    try calling 848 525 1448.
    tell him one of his friends recomended. I will call him and ask him ti give a better price


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