Lakewood Family Deported During Pandemic Amid Financial Crisis




Avi Dahan was a popular hair stylist who was doing well for himself in Tel Aviv. But he gave it all up to be chozer b’teshuva. Adopting a Torah lifestyle, he married Nitza, and they started a family and a business. After a year of struggling, the business went bankrupt, and it was all downhill from there. No matter how hard they tried to dig themselves out of the hole, they just couldn’t reach the top.



Unable to pay their bills, they were kicked out of their home, so the Dahans, with their 3 kids in tow, decided to take their chance at a better life in America. They took up the offer of a friend to loan them the money for flights and lend them a house in the US. But the friend quickly turned his back on them, stealing the few dollars they had made from selling their possessions, and leaving them penniless. And the home he had offered turned out to be completely run down and uninhabitable, with no electricity or heating.


Following the direction of their rav, they moved into a hostel while they searched for jobs. Nitza worked the night shift, while Avi worked the day one, and they bounced around for years, trying to make a better life for themselves without success. Every time they managed to get back on their feet, something happened, like a catastrophic fall which broke Avi’s ribs and put him out of work, or a business partner that pulled out at the last minute, leaving them with nothing, and they would find themselves floundering yet again.

And now, the straw that broke the camel’s back. After 7 years in America, and with Avi once again out of a job, someone has reported this Israeli family (with their 5 kids) to the authorities and they are being forced to go back to Israel by August. But they cannot even afford tickets to get there, nor do they have the means to support themselves or even buy basic necessities once they get back.


Avi and Nitza have done everything in their power to make a life for their children, but they are now left with no choices or a way to help themselves. This is where YOU come in. You can help them get back on their feet and create a life for their family. Please help them live!




  1. You left out pertinent information about this family. They are illegals!! They are , nebech, suffering because they can’t or don’t care about following rules. They belong in Israel. I wish them Hatzlocho,

  2. Thats what happens when you leave the holy land for financial reasons.. The deportation is the best thing for this family. They are being given another chance.. The money raised makes no sense to me

  3. I can’t believe the cruel comments here towards fellow Jews who have fallen on hard times. Would that there had been six million illegal immigrant Jews in the US in 1940!!! 🙁

  4. My heart cries , reading such uncaring hateful comments. I’m sad for these family even if I don’t know them and wish them the best. But I’m even sadder to realize that Am Yisroel has gone through so much and at the end this is what a yid would write about a yid. I would also suggest that if the Matzav wants to be an advocate for peace and truth; then these are the comments that shouldn’t be posted. Not opinions about machlokes lsheim shamayim as is sometimes done. There is no Lishma in hateful non caring comments that are not based on halachic argument and are just a lack of midos. Very sad reality.


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