Lakewood: Free Supper Event for Families Without Power

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lake-terraceLakewood – There are still thousands of Lakewood residents who do not have power at their houses. Lakewood families who are still in the dark will be offered free warm meals, working bathrooms, a place to charge their cell phones and devices, and a chance to get out of their dark houses and enjoy themselves today at Lake Terrace Hall.

The thousands of Lakewood families who still are suffering without power are invited to take part in a Chesed of Lakewood “Recharge!” event this evening. A delicious fleishig buffet supper catered by Greenwald Caterers will be available for all those who attend free of charge. Children’s entertainment will be provided as well.

There will be food, drinks, and snacks for the children. Both family and separate seating will be available. The event will take place at Lake Terrace Hall from 4 p.m. until midnight. Any family without power is invited to attend.

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  1. WOW LAKEWOOD!! Way to goooooo!!!! You dont stop caring and tending to residents!! askanim of bp, queens, 5 towns… HELLO?? Anybody home?? why cant someone do the same??? tizku lemitzvos

  2. #4 Are you aware of the achdus, cooperation and available services for the pls of the 5 towns?
    Hot lunch and supper daily provided by yeshivos, laundry done by volunteers, charging stations, etc.. They are a model of CARE to follow in every other city.

  3. Lakewood Guy: dont be so critical…. Achiezer in the five towns is putting all their energies into this! and in bp bh there hasnt been major outtages so….


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