Lakewood GOP Picks Akerman to Replace Singer on Local Ticket


isaac-akermanIsaac Akerman, a loan officer who was the Independent candidate for Township Committee, will switch to the Republican ticket after the party picked him late this evening to replace incumbent Robert W. Singer on the ballot for the November election, party officials said.Local GOP leaders voted that Akerman, 34, be their candidate for a seat held for 29 years by Singer, who abruptly dropped out of the race one week ago.

Akerman had become an independent candidate for committee after Sholem Egert gave up that candidacy to run for Ocean County clerk as a Tea Party challenger.

Singer, who is also a longtime state senator, said he stepped down as a result of state leaders’ efforts to reduce the number of officials holding two or more public offices.

The committee race is now limited to Akerman and former Township Committeewoman Marta Harrison, a Democrat.

The local Republican organization Tuesday also screened two other potential committee candidates: Harold J. Halvorsen and Singer’s challenger in the GOP primary election, Harold Herskowitz.

Halvorsen, 67, added his name after being approached by some seniors, including the initial favorite for Singer’s replacement, Board of Education member Carl Fink. Fink later declined to run, citing personal reasons.

Herskowitz, 44, lost to Singer in the June primary by less than 600 votes, which some observers saw as a surprisingly close race.



  1. If one is not part of the solution, then that person remains part of the problem. By being the candidate of the establishment he became part of the probem. Sorry, but we have been shafted again


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