Lakewood Hires Its First-Ever Orthodox Jewish Police Cadet

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With an Orthodox Jewish community making up most of Lakewood’s rapidly growing population, the township has hired its first-ever Orthodox police cadet, officials said.

Lakewood Police Chief Gregory Meyer said the Orthodox officer and other members of the cadet class who graduate from the six-month academy program could hit the streets in about 10 months, or sometime around the end of 2019 or start of 2020, following additional departmental training.

“I’m excited about it,” Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles said Thursday.




  1. Wow. Kiddush Hashem. Mi Kiamcha Yisroel? Tremendous. What a role model. I hope he will now go into all the Chadurim in Lakewood and teach all the little kinderlach how to strive to be a police officer and all the mitzvos it involves.

  2. what is wrong with being a police officer? Being a machir with shomrim, chavarim or hatzalah is better??? (I use the word machir in a very positive sense)

  3. What an accomplishment! Not everyone can qualify to be a Lakewood
    police officer. One must meet the following the requirements:

    I) Be over 18 years of age.
    2) Have a GED or be a high school graduate with at least a D average.
    3) Not have been convicted of a felony as an adult (juvenile crimes don’t count).
    4) Complete a 6 month training course at the Police Academy.

    After fulfilling the above the Police Department issues the candidate, a uniform, a badge, and a firearm.

    Congratulations to the Orthodox Jewish cadet on his joining this illustrious corps.

  4. I don’t understand why yiddish sites are celebrating this event.

    This is not the place to discuss this, but the pachad and Nisyonos that such a job brings to a yid.. especially in a town that is full of yidden is ein L’shaeir ….

    • Yes. It will be difficult for a frum person to do his job properly but he may be a role model for kinderlach who would otherwise go off the derech. There are so many adults who don’t even realize that they are breaking the “Law of the Land” almost every single day!! Did you know that if you cross the street on a red light, even if no cars are coming, you broke the law. Did you ever notice the words “Don’t Walk” or a Red Hand notifying you to stop? Do you thing that they’re there for decoration? Do you double or triple park and think nothing of it? Do you park in the red or at bus stops? Etc., Etc. Not only are these acts infractions of the law but many times they are a Chillul Hashem. We need more frum cops to teach us the laws.

      • Excellent point. So hopefully this new Frumeh cop will start arresting fellow Yidden for all those major infractions you’ve mentioned. Yes, way to go.

      • Did you know that according to nazi law, the fine for crossing the street in a (supposedly) forbidden manner was 1 DM for “Aryans” and it was hardly ever enforced, and, strictly enforced by guards stationed there on purpose, minimum 300 DM for Juden? And did you know that synagogues, cemeteries and other such places had signs, warning the Jewish foreigners who visited Germany about this “Law of the Land”?
        Now tell me, do people from other ethnic groups ever cross the street in the manner you mentioned?

  5. Can’t be amazed enough with reading some of the comments. First, being a policeman is not more immoral than many other jobs, such as being a used car salesman or being a burned-out “mechanech” turning kids away from Yidishkeit. More importantly, the law is just a piece of paper; it is the people in law enforcement that determine the practical application of street safety laws, and we need our people to be the ones. Of course, when I say our policeman, I refer to a policeman whose primary function is serving his Jewish community, and not some OCD-idiot government-first judenrat type. If anything, there is no rational reason why our safety is being outsourced in Jewish towns such as Monsey or Lakewood. What I find fascinating is some of our people using every available resource to guarantee safety of their money, while doing nothing for the physical safety of their communities. Obviously it’s not a matter of bitochon; if it was they would treat their money in the same manner as their safety, but they don’t. I wonder if a deep psychiatric analysis can explain our people’s foolishness. Perhaps it is just another manifestation of “no Am Yisroel, every man for himself” syndrome.


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