Lakewood, Jackson, Toms River Primary Election Roundup

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Polls officially closed for New Jersey’s Primary Election Day several hours ago. Voters from around the state cast their ballots to choose the Democratic and Republican nominees for the 12 U.S. House seats representing New Jersey as well as more than 100 contested county and local races.

For the second year in a row, voters had three ways to vote — either in person during early voting which began on June 3 and concluded June 5, by sending in a mail-in ballot or putting it in a dropbox, or by stepping into a voting booth on Tuesday. Here are some of the results:

In the 4th Congressional District’s Republican primary, Congressman Chris Smith beat Mike Crispi by a wide margin. In the Democratic primary, Matthew Jenkins was unopposed and thus garners the Democrat nomination.

In the 3rd Congressional District’s Republican primary, Bob Healey beat Ian Smith, while in the Democrat primary, the incumbent, Congressman Andy Kim beat Reuven Hendler of Lakewood.

In Toms River, NJ Sam Ellenbogen and Booky Kaluszyner won seats for County Committee in the township’s 52nd district.

In Toms River’s District 58, Boruch Birnbaum and Avrom Flohr won the race for County Committee seats.

In Jackson, NJ, Jackson Council President Marty Flemming and Jackson Council VP Andy Kern were beaten, losing the County Committee seats.

Also in Jackson, Justin Flancbaum, Executive Director at Lakewood Township Municipal Utilities Authority and Shabbos gabbai of the Lutzk Bais Medrash, beat Jackson Republican Club President Todd Porter for County Committee in the township’s 4th district.

Also in Jackson, Tzvi Bruckenstein and Meir Tesser defeated Republican Ocean County Committee Chair Clair Glory and Jackson Council President Marty Flemming.

In Lakewood, incumbent veteran Township Committeeman R’ Isaac Akerman was unopposed and won the Republican nomination for Township Committee and will face challenger Mordechai Gross, a Democrat, in the November election.

Ocean County Sheriff Michael Mastronardy, a Republican incumbent who ran unopposed, will be challenged come November by Eugene Davis, a Democrat.



  1. These elections don’t mean much since most American-governments don’t accomplish much.

    The best example is the delay in the _streetlight on Hope/New-Central. That was an issue for decades…and did the _goyim vote for us in Tom’s River? That place doesn’t have many Jews.

  2. Sweet galus until it sours. Remember BP , Flatbush , Crown Heights in their heydays? Whoever thought of today’s exodus ? Enjoy enjoy.

    • boro park is full of the frum what are you talking about? Stop the paranoia, go to the Catskills in the summer and see how many beautiful colonies are being built for just 2 months of living, btw the locals live in trailers and drive 20 year old pick ups and work for the Yidden. Has-em is blessing us.

  3. BH we can control the local political machinery and continue our over-the-top, extravagant lifestyle of flaunting our wealth and rubbing everyones face in it. HaShem is so good to us. ANd don’t expect any rabbonim or roshei Yeshiva to say anything about it; it might put a damper on the donations.

    • It’s brought down in heiligeh seforim, that if a Yid doesn’t abandon his Rav and Kehilla in Brooklyn and move to Lakewood before he dies, he won’t be allowed into gan Eden.

      • The requirement to MOVE to Lakewood is only a machmir shittah. Roiv HaPoiskim hold that you can rent in the summer and still be Yotzi. But that is only Kol Zman that you make sure your neighbors know how much money you have.

  4. We are living in golus, we have been exiled from our land. We need to carry ourselves with humility, respecting the inhabitants of the land we live in and its government, knowing our place, and not exceeding the prescribed framework of exilic behavior as taught by our tradition and rabbinic authorities.

  5. Why didn’t any of these so-called askanim stop the cell towers from being built in residential neighborhoods?!

  6. Boro Park is booming and in fact Bobov 45 is having a mega event today, Deal NJ has so many mansions that one can get lost, the Reform and frei are all worried about saving whales and dont have kids so therefore cant vote. This is moradika news.

  7. I’m sorry.
    You guys are a bunch of haters!!

    You’re negativity is astounding.
    You’re lack of self confidence is evident by the way you bash someone else’s success.

    Us good people living in Jackson and Toms river are grateful for the people who stepped up.
    For the rest of you nay-sayers…… Get a life and see you’re therapist!!

  8. NY and NJ is not he place for continual expansion
    Pennsylvania and other states in the Midwest and South are better alternatives
    Lots of Land
    Cheaper land
    Lower Taxes
    More simpler Living and Values
    And more Hidden from the General population

  9. Stop the worrying. America is the last stansia before moshiach comes. I went to a wedding on Sunday of memorial day that had 8 men band enough flowers to cover botanic gardens and glenfiddich galore and it was a black hat crowd not even the modernishYU types all is fine there are more frum businesses and businessmen then ever before


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