Lakewood: JCP&L Claims Only “200 Called About Being Without Power”

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hurricane-sandy8Lakewood, NJ – JCP&L, the utility company that provides power to Lakewood, is claiming that “only 200 people from Lakewood” called to complain about not having power. JCP&L thus said that the town’s outages have not been a priority.

“This is either a total fabrication or they don’t know how to count,” an askan in Lakewood told “Over 20,000 lost power during the storm, and some 16,000 are still without power as of Friday morning, so this excuse is a poor one.”

Lakewood residents have been urged to contact JCP&L and urge them to make local outages a priority. JCP&L can be reached at 1.888.544.4877.

Ridge Avenue, East Seventh Street, Woodlake, New Central and various other neighborhoods are among those still without power.

Prior to the storm, JCP&L promised to have a better response to Hurricane Sandy than they did in 2011, when Irene came calling along the East Coast. A Board of Public Utilities investigation following that storm found that “JCP&L, in particular, was deficient in its storm restoration process, especially during Hurricane Irene.” Company officials proclaimed last week that they were better prepared than ever for a storm of this magnitude. JCP&L President Don Lynch touted the reforms made by the company to make sure that they can repair power lines quickly and efficiently.

Lakewood has long had problem with Jersey Central Power and Light, which has been blasted for the company’s lack of response to Lakewood’s needs. A feud between the Township and the company has been ongoing for nearly a year now. It began with the company’s lack of responsiveness to broken streetlights all over town. Mayor Menashe Miller Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein, the committee’s liaison to the company, has withheld all payments due to the company in the hopes that a better response would be forthcoming. The municipality has also filed suit in court to force action from the company.

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  1. this mess would never have happenned in Boropark or williamsburg. They would hammer the mayor and governor relentlessly until things gets resolved within a day or two

  2. when I tried to call JCP&L their phone answered & disconnected !
    no JCP&L Trucks were seen in the area of north lakewood until Friday night when power came back on

  3. C’mon people, a lawsuit against JCP&L ? Do you think you are the only area without power. How about all of those people that lost their homes in the coastal areas. Do you think that you’re special? I don’t think so, just wait your turn.

  4. I have been without power for 9.5 days and that is unacceptable! At first I was told “areas hit the hardest are being restored first” and then days later I was told “well your area was hit the hardest so that’s why you don’t have power”… Well which excuse is it? You can’t use the same one to flip around to what is convenient!I’m tired of being told I should be quiet because others have no home. Yes it’s too bad for them but others still have rights! This is 100% unacceptable !


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