Lakewood: Main Street Branch of The Co-op to Be Closed Sunday Due to Hurricane

>>Follow Matzav On Whatsapp!<< Hurricane Coverage: Lakewood, NJ – has been notified that Lakewood’s NPGS supermarket, otherwise known as the Co-op, will be closing its branch located on Main Street due to the impending hurricane. The other two branches of the supermarket, on James Street and in Jackson, NJ, will remain open as of this writing.

NPGS, which has distinguished itself as well for its kashrus and high standards, is owned by R’ Zeev Rothchild.

The store on Main Street suffered a terrible fire a few years ago that burnt the former building down to the ground. In what was called ‘an amazing feat’ by many at the time, a 13,500 square-foot tent/store was rebuilt in about 5 weeks and was up and running a week later. That tent, with some enhancements and modifications, is still standing and serves the thousands of customers who visit the store each week. That branch of NPGS will be closed Sunday.

The Jackson store is one of the largest kosher supermarkets in the world and features numerous specialty departments.

NPGS is quite popular based on the fact that, according to many shoppers, it features the lowest prices on food products in all of Lakewood.

See here for a past feature on the store.

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