Lakewood: Over 12,000 Homes Still Without Power


lakewood-blackout-sandyLakewood, NJ – Over 12,000 residents of Lakewood are still without power, many of them closing in on their seventh day without electricity.

West Gate, which had power throughout the week, lost electricity several hours before Shabbos. Fortunately, power was restored about two hours after shkiah to the area.

Brook Hill, The Estates, The Villas and the surrounding locale, which had been largely spared this past week, lost power, but not due to hurricane damage. A blaze that broke out at Schuster’s on Brook Road was blamed for that outage.

Portions of Monmouth Avenue, Lexington Avenue and Raintree lost power as well, while Coventry Square got back power for the first time in many days. JCP&L claims that roughly 6,000 homes got power back over the last day, with another 5,000 or so slated to have power over the next 24 hours.

Route 88/Ocean Avenue remains dark, as does the greater Ridge Avenue neighborhood, including Shoshanah Drive and Dinah Court.

Numerous families relocated for Shabbos, with most traveling to portions of Lakewood, including West Gate, that had power.

It should be noted that the local askanim, led by Mayor Menashe Miller and Committeemen Meir Lichtenstein, Isaac Akerman and Steven Langert, have devoted their time and energy to ensure that JCP&L understands the urgency of restoring power to the entire town.

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  1. With much of Lakewood NJ still without power for days, I humbly feel that Hashem is trying to send us a message that: “we” are putting out the light the power of the beauty of Lakewood, the largest town in the US of Torah learning. The light of the Kedusha the light of thousands of Torah learners right here in our town of Lakewood is being distinguished by us with our actions

    We have more Yeshivas and Mesiftas than in any other town or city in America BY”H so we have more responsibility to keep Hashem happier with our way of life, get closer to Hashem as to be an example to the world how a Ben Torah is to behave

    It’s time for all of us to make a Cheshbon Hanefesh and see what could be corrected to bring back the light of the Shechinah to Lakewood the town of Torah and Chessed the town that was build by the big Rosh Yeshiva z”l

    If we don’t take the message from this storm seriously who knows what other difficult messages Hashem might have to send us in order to wake up and do Teshuva?

    Take a moment and think…are we truly living a spiritual life at least similar to our great grandparents, the way they lived when they arrived in America some 60 years ago? or are we indulged in our clothing, i.e. shoes, jewelry, belt, coat, & mink coats, handbags, boots, sun glasses, non-stop shopping, hunting for bargains, living in restaurants, redoing our kitchens every so often, always planning our next vacations, now Leshem Mitzvah we are busy planning our winter vacation, and of course don’t forget Motzai Shabbos hot Pizza & fries, eating it in the pizza shops with mixed company, we have turned into a major “planning board” not leaving enough time to see and plan our lives as “how to serve Hashem better”

    Lets be honest it’s almost impossible to walk the streets and keep our eyes clean, and yes, I am referring to neighborhoods of Bnai Torah and Chassidim, not in Harlem, Miami Beach or Las Vegas etc.

    The “Franken-Storm” effect has been felt by many of us, we are all suffering because of it, one way or another, but….. The million dollar question is: are we waking up to Hashems cry?

    Now it’s our duty to be strong and say to Hashem:
    OK we are ready to change our lives, our materialistic lifestyle that we have lived up to now, will change!!! We’ll start getting ourselves ready for the coming of Moshiach by living a true Torah life. BTW when Moshiach arrives there will be nothing left of all our Gashmius, so get a head start…and get rid of it now. Lets be more careful with all of the Halochos and 613 Mitzovos of our special sweet Torah.

    Thank you for giving up your time and reading this note of Chizuk. Please copy and paste in Shuls, schools etc. so others can get Chizuk too.

  2. sometimes this is the only way to teach us how to appreciate everything Hashem gives us & not to take everything for granted. i.e. take something very dear away from yourself when you NEED it & then start using it again a day/week later, you will really appreciate it & also see the amazing ways the way it works etc….
    if we stop taking things for granted & show Hashem the proper hakoras hatov we owe, for everything Hashem gives us, then we will not need to lose things, for it to remind us about everything Hashem gave & continues to give us

  3. To Lakewooder: Unless a very reliable rav, or (this would be nice) navi, would pinpoint something specific, the only message is that we have to look into OURSELVES and find what we as individuals can do to enrich the world. Methinks that all you mention about the gashmiyus, etc. are not YOUR nekudos habechira but yenem’s. Please correct me if I’m wrong and give me the opportunity to ask your mechila b’rabbim.

    My apologies for being blunt but I don’t think anyone should print out anonymous “chizuk notes. There is still too much raw pain.


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