Lakewood Police Investigating A Shiluach Hakan, After Woman Claims Children Were ‘Beating’ The Mother Goose


In what appears to be the case of shiluach hakan gone awry, the Lakewood Township police and the state Division of Fish and Wildlife are investigating reports that children were brought to a goose nest to beat and harass the birds on a daily basis, perhaps to steal the eggs.

The incidents took place over the course of five days earlier this month near a retention pond on Cedar Bridge Avenue, according to a woman who says she saw the attacks and called police several times. The accusations made the rounds on social media over the weekend, after a photo was posted of a family who allegedly was leaving the area after having beaten the goose.

The mitzva of shiluach hakein requires Jews to chase away a mother bird and acquire the eggs laid in the nest. Though there is no specific method on how to chase the bird, the OU website recommends not making any contact with the mother due to tzaar baalei chaim and says you should instead scare her away. This holds especially true for Canadian geese, which are known to be very protective of their nests and can cause injuries is they feel threatened.

Penalties for killing the geese can range up to six months in jail and include fines; a Manasquan man was fined $1,000 in 2009 for shooting and killing a Canada goose that was pooping on his deck, reported.

Lakewood Police Capt. Gregory Staffordsmith on Thursday said the Division of Fish and Wildlife and the Lakewood Police Department’s Quality of Life Unit were investigating.

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  1. Thanks for airing all of Lakewood’s dirty laundry in public. All you’re doing is adding more fuel to Rise Up Ocean County’s fire. Not everything you hear has to be repeated publicly. There is a difference between legitimate news and hock and, lately, you’ve joined the ranks of those who have lost sight of that difference. Siag l’chochma shtika.

  2. Here’s what happened. The Mother goose was NOT vaccinated and has the din of a rodef! The children were doing the right thing by beating the bird mercilessly. A rodef must be killed.

  3. Ok wait, requires you to send away the mother? That’s if you want or need the children/eggs according to many. Otherwise, you don’t have to do anything. Which is probably what they should have done.

  4. I’d bet they will put more resources into “investigating” this terrible incident than in to the string of robberies and assaults that have been plaguing this town.

  5. Reading the original article, women claims mother goose was “hit so hard” it fell into the water!!!!!! Yet when the police came, the mother goose appeared unharmed!! Fascinating miraculous recovery. Also, how convenient that with all the times these vicious attacks occurred, we only managed to get one photo while the family is getting into their van. Truly amazing. No witnesses to this but yet it makes headlines news.

  6. Thank you for reporting on this. Religion is no excuse for animal abuse. There was no justifiable reason to bother this bird, let alone to assault her. Anyone who does so should have animal cruelty charges filed against them.

  7. Shalom. Nothing to see here, the goose viciously attacked the poor children couple times a week. Police should euthanize the goose for being vicious and anti-semitic.


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