Lakewood Poskim and Rabbonim: Porch Minyanim Are Permissible with Proper Guidelines

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  1. There is no coherent halachic reason why we can’t daven in large backyards with limited number of mispalelim all 10 feet apart, everyone brings their own sidurim and chumashim, no one socializes, no one who has symptoms or tested positive allowed, mispalelim can even wear masks. We can prohibit minyanim because of pikuach nefesh only when all other pikuach nefesh measures were considered, and they were not; we should have insituted hazmat suits before shutting down all minyanim because of convoluted “gzeira on top gzeira, while not prohibiting leisurely shopping” reasoning. Enough of this perversion of halacha, just organize safe minyanim with every sanitary feature, or this nonsense will never end. Just stand up for the Emes, irregardless of who is in the way.

    • Face masks don’t work with beards and 10 feet may not be enough. It is late for “no one who has symptoms” since by now, everyone who has “followed guidelines” has been exposed. Follow your posek but don’t ridicule those of us who have taken serious steps to avoid this horrible and deadly disease.

  2. Why can’t someone be in his backyard as long as one is following government guidelines? Are we supposed to be machmir more then the government?
    Ok I reread the Hebrew part, the English gives off the wrong messages. It sounds like you can’t stand in your backyard during the minyan even if you are 40 feet away. I am assuming people don’t have their private backyard and then it would be a problem, but from the English translation,it makes it sounds that backyards are a problem in itself which is not true.


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