Lakewood Poskim: Regarding Travel for Yom Tov, Stay Home, Follow Medical Guidance and Speak to Your Doctor



    • If you thought of that, don’t you think the doctors thought of that too? These people have been around for a while, went to medical school for many years, are basically quite intelligent…

    • Dear Reb Yossi
      Do you eat Romain lettuce during the year? If so do u make a teebul to kill the bug? No. Nobody does. U know Y? Because u don’t need to
      But on Pesach we are concerned about the bug . Y? Zogt de gedolei meforshei Shulchan Aruch Because it’s a gnai lemitzva if someone gets hurt through it.
      If we perpetuate social gatherings more people will be infected and when these people end up the ER they will all say well it’s because they got together for Passover is that not a gnai leMitzva?
      I understand your not concerned but that is because you are thinking only for yourself the entire point in that no yochid should say “I’m ok so why do I need to follow the rules” if there is a ruach of adherence it’s mechazek the oilam if there is a rifyon the damn will burst
      Please hold tight
      Keep posting
      We’re gonna get thru this together
      Chazak VeEmatz

  1. Dear Yossi – in theory it might work if EVERYONE gathering in a household for Pesach are already infected and tested and confirmed and can safely travel. In practice NO community will accept visitors and most states will detain visitors.

    In practice Lakewood police will arrest groups that gather – if they see you pull up your parents with 5 kids in the car they will charge you with a crime. If you then have a minyan in your parents home because your families are together and you have ten men you will get arrested.

    Let’s avoid Chilul Hashem (we are on the edge of a public crisis of anti-Orthodox hate).
    Let’s avoid infecting anyone unwittingly.
    Let’s avoid being “maikel” in Sakanah Nefashos.
    Let’s not become Rodfim and follow our doctors and Rabbonim.

    Please stay home and make Pesach at home. Don’t endanger yourself or others.

    • Where were all those with well-meaning “social isolation” advisors two months ago, when it would have made a difference, together with massive use, and correct replacement / disposal, of facemasks (and I am not talking about the makeshift masks people talk about now). Not even hospitals have enough PPE!!!
      Staying at home now may work for a single or a couple. The Charedi families are usually not like that.


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