Lakewood Reporter Zach Patberg Leaving Asbury Park Press

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asbury-park-press-appAsbury Park Press reporter Zach Patberg is leaving the newspaper and will be moving to northern New Jersey to accept a job at the Hackensack based Bergen Record.

Zach Patberg has covered Ocean County, and in particular Lakewood, for a few years . He was usually an evenhanded journalist and never backed down from writing a controversial story.

It is not yet known who will now be covering Lakewood for the APP.

Zach will be moving to Jersey City.

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  1. As evenhanded as the UN Human Rights Commission! Zach, thanks for the unwarranted aggravation you caused the Orthodox Jewish community with your biased, biting “reporting”! I hope you do some soul searching before you begin your new “beat”!
    When’s the good bye party? I, for one will not be sorry to see you – GO!

  2. Nu NU. What is with the unwarranted anger. The guy writes a piece on corruption and next thing you know he is going the way of all good rabble rousers, he suddenly has a new job he can’t refuse. He only caused grief to people that gave grief. So calm down please.

  3. Good riddance. While his most recent piece was pretty neutral, his anti-Lakewood slant in reporting was quite evident in most of his articles. On top of that, it usually took him 3 months to write about something that happened.


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