Lakewood: Robbers Snatch Thousands at J2 Pizza

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pizzaLakewood, NJ – Now that Pesach is over, the ever-popular J2 pizza shop in Lakewood, NJ, is once again a hopping joint, as hundreds of pizza slices make their way from the hot ovens to the mouths of the store’s many patrons. The store was packed last night as hundreds enjoyed post-Pesach pizza – their first post-Yom Tov chometz – straight from the oven.

Over Yom Tov, however, the J2 store, which is owned by Mr. Louie Follman, was hopping in an undesirable way, when two hoodlums burglarized the establishment in the Shop Rite Plaza shopping center at the corner of Route 9 South and West Kennedy Blvd.

The robbers, whose faces were covered during their break-in, stole a large amount of money – several thousand dollars, it is believed – including money contained in tzedakah boxes on the store.

Here’s hoping the intruders are found soon.

{C. Newscenter}


  1. #1: Yes. The burglars baked pizza on pesach and now the store is selling that pizza which is stale, pas akum, and ch’shash that they substituted gvinas akum. I vote for “Falafel lover” for head mashgiach.

  2. Louis is a huge baal chesed, an overall wonderful person, and we wish him only success. May he and his family keep up their great work.


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