Lakewood: School Administrator Says Nothing Has Changed On Non-Admittance of Non-Vaxxers

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The administrator of one of the larger schools in Lakewood, NJ, tells that he will continue to refuse entry to students whose parents don’t vaccinate their children.

“There has to be an across-the-board requirement for everyone to be vaccinated,” he said. “It is needed for everyone to remain healthy. You don’t want to vaccinate your child? No problem – just keep your kid home and homeschool them.”

To this administrator and most others, there is no dilemma at all as to whether or not to allow non-vaccinated children to attend school. The answer is obvious, as an infected child can potentially cause even vaccinated children to catch the disease.

The administrator spoke to explained that nothing has changed since a few weeks ago.

“The p’sak of Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, as written by Rav Dovid Uri Morgenstern, didn’t change in the course of a month. Rav Elyashiv ruled that it is incumbent on everyone to vaccinate their children, and that mosdos should reject non-vaccinated children because they can infect other children.”

Based on Rav Elyashiv’s ruling, this administrator and others continue to tell their parent bodies to keep any non-vaccinated children home.

“Some are caving to tremendous pressure being applied by individuals – yechidim mamish – who have made a ruckus and keep selling the bogus anti-vaxx agenda,” a staff member from a different school shared. “Thankfully, the overwhelming majority haven’t changed, understanding that vaccinating is a necessity and not something to be decided by those with zero medical knowledge who read a few articles or books and think that they are now experts. Lakewood as a city has a tremendously high rate of vaccinations, and the residents continue to follow the directors of mainstream and leading physicians, including Dr. Reuven Shanik, Dr. Neal Gittleman and others.”

As reported last month on, while some anti-vaxxers claimed that they will pursue legal action against schools that reject their children based on their decision not to vaccinate, they will likely find little legal ground for their arguments.

Retired pharmaceutical CEO and Lakewood askan Dr. Kasriel Roberts, who hired a law firm to explore the legality of schools rejecting students based on their refusal to vaccinate, noted that Cozen O’Connor, a prestigious Philadelphia based law firm, reviewed the pertinent laws and determined that religious schools have the full jurisdiction to exclude any non-vaccinated child, even if the child has a religious exemption, and that there is an extreme likelihood that schools would win any potential lawsuit brought against them by parents of rejected non-vaccinated students. Furthermore, he said, in all probability, the judge would force the plaintiffs to foot the cost of the school’s legal fees and court fees.

Dr. Roberts has also hinted that if a school is taken to court over their rejection of non-vaccinated students, legal representation from top firms may be covered pro-bono.

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  1. Why should it matter if they’re not vaccinated? If your children are vaccinated how can they contract measles from non-vaccinated children? Unless you’re saying that vaccination is a hoax and they have no immunity protecting them from measles.

    • whoever posted this link needs to have his head examined. What that article says is that it is very unlikely to get the vaccine if vaccinated. So hence the question – if that is the case- why are all the vaccinated children so worried about catching it? Please provide a coherent answer for the good of all.

  2. Thank you for showing how ignorant anti vaxxers are
    Vaccination provides immunity only for about 97% of people
    There is a miut who cannot become immune, and there also people going through chemotherapy, and baby’s not old enough to be vaccinated
    when everyone is vaccinated – then there it stops the “spread” of the disease, and even that miut is protected.
    but when a large group of people decide not to vaccinate, your are putting all of those in danger.
    this is quite simple

    • Can you respond to comment number 1 intelligently instead of going around the bush?
      Why is it that ALLLLLL those who recently contracted measles got their vaccination as children? Not 1 of them are among those who got measles as children.

      #2 Vaccination does NOT provide immunity for 97% of the people. And the best proof of this are all these measles outbreaks of adults who were vaccinated.

      #3 Mothers who got natural measles, the childhood disease, are immune for life and so are her newborns. However, mothers who were vaccinated as young kids do NOT have lifelong immunity and neither are her newborns immune. Which is another reason these vaccination are dangerous.

      Just remember this:
      The study shows that measles deaths were virtually nonexistent prior to introduction of vaccine, as was confirmed by doctors and nurses who claim, “In all my years I never knew anyone or heard of anyone who died from this childhood disease as it was virtually unheard of in the U.S. for anyone to die from measles.” In 2012 almost 1,000 claims have been reported of injuries and deaths of the MMR vaccination while no deaths were reported for more than 10 years from natural measles infection. All anti-vaxxers are quite aware of the myth that people were dying left and right from measles.

  3. The Hill: Incoming GOP congressman says vaccines may cause autism, contradicting CDC

    An incoming Republican Congressman told constituents at a town hall this week that he believes vaccines may cause autism, contradicting the Centers for Disease Control and other scientific institutions, according to

    Mark Green, a physician who won his race in November to fill the seat of Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), vowed to “stand on the CDC’s desk and get the real data on vaccines,”adding he was doing so “because there is some concern that the rise in autism is the result of the preservatives that are in our vaccines,” according to

  4. Trump also said he thinks it causes autism & wants real studies.

    That’s what everyone wants – just a non-biased study (sorry CDC, FDA & Merck do not qualify as unbiased) Get 2 Pro Vax Drs & Two Anti-Vax Drs., Two pro & 2 anti Senators, Pharmacologists etc. from both sides to oversee a non-biased firm that will conduct a full-scale study.

    If this unbiased study comes up as proving beyond doubt that Vaccines do not cause Cancer, Asthma, Autism (Or ASD), Gillian Barre syndrome (paralysis), Alzheimer’s, etc. I will line bl”n up all my children to receive the full doses. As a matter of fact, I may even decide to roll up my own sleeve and get updated doses of what I received as a child. (After all if teres absolutely no risk – hey, why not?!)

    But for now, statements from the CDC such as “we can’t confirm nor deny the link between ______ (autism, or other sicknesses) and vaccines – just isn’t enough of an assurance for me to take the risk!

  5. Rav Elyashiv ztzl has spoken.

    The medical field has spoken.

    Sane individuals have spoken.

    You wanna live with your craziness take your kids to an unvaccinated, isolated mountain somewhere , and make your own unvaccinated school, and don’t come crying back when autsim pops up anyway

  6. Which of the 2 will happen?
    1) Vaxxers will wake up
    2) Doctors will admit they lied and one has to keep their vaccination up to date every few years because it’s not lifetime immunity

  7. Why is it so hard for the anti vaxxers to understand? Even with vaccination there is still a small chance of catching the disease, and noone wants to take that small chance. Yes it is true the immunity does go down after 20 years – but it goes down to 94% instead of 97% – so the slight chance of getting measles increases a little more. Noone ever said it’s lifetime immunity – and neither is getting the disease as a child a garentee – there have been cases of people getting the disease again, although it is very rare. Also I don’t know where you are getting your information from that all the people contacting the measles got the vaccine – that is 100% false – most actually were not vaccinated! So please get the facts straight before posting. Thank you!

    • Nim, no one really cares if you dont want to get the disease. The argument at play is not about your personal preferences, it is about the potential danger posed to you by another individual. Now, what is so hard to understand about how infinitesimally small the supposed risks are to you? If you have a statistical 97% immunity from your own vaccination, then the doomsday scenario yields the following: a risk of 3% to catch the disease IF YOU WERE EXPOSED (also ridiculously low, but lets go with the inept lakewood MD math of 100%), and of that 25% of 3% that you will even require medical intervention. Of that, there is a supposed 10% of the 25% of the 3% that have serious side effects. Now you might say that you have no interest in that level of risk either and you’d be entitled to avoid that as best you can, however in YOU considering that 3% risk to be significant, you have a moral obligation to check for tithers (as a measure of personal vaccine efficacy) and eliminate the possibility that you are not actually immune and hence a bio-hazard or otherwise stay out of the public domain so as not pose a danger to others.

  8. Or you could do what I did. We’re in the fence about vaccines in general. Some of my kids got both shots, some only one and one didn’t get either mmr shot for medical reasons. The ones who had only one shot had a blood test to confirm immunity or not. Why would i inject another dose of admittedly potentially dangerous toxins into my kids if a blood test will tell me what I want to know. They’re all immune according to the blood tests but guess what? The schools still won’t take them cuz they didn’t get their second shot. Where’s the seichel in that? My kids are probably the least likely to get measles cuz I know for a fact they’re immune. It’s that the point? So why won’t the schools let them in? Cuz they were told 2 shots or not at all. It must cause a lot of pain to think and use your head and know why you’re excluding kids so therefore they don’t think. When presented with clear evidence of immunity they’re still excluded. All you ppl who gave 2 shots still won’t know if your kids are immune or not. If you want immunity then clear evidence of immunity should be enough whether it’s one shot or two. Stop following blindly and use your heads a little!!!!

    • Dear Chochma seeker, get an certified note from a lab and from your doctor confirming immunity; that should satisfy any school. Did you submit the above? If not, don’t complain.

    • vaccines arent toxins! there are “toxins” in food! look up what is in the seeds of apples and you dont hesitate giving children apples panicking over the seeds. or the mercury in any big fish like tuna!

    • If you are in nj there is a law called holly’s law that if you show immunity from one shot thru bloodwork you are not required to take another shot

  9. Says Marcia Angell, Editor, New England Journal of Medicine

    “…Similar conflicts of interest and biases exist in virtually every field of medicine, particularly those that rely heavily on drugs or devices. It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine . “


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