Lakewood Shooting Suspect Arrested in Camden


jahmell-w-crockam1Just In: Police have apprehended Jahmell Crockham, 19, the suspect in the execution-style killing of Lakewood police patrolman Christopher Matlosz, 27, on Friday afternoon.

Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office Captain Thomas Hayes said Crockham was arrested early this morning and is in custody at the Lakewood Police Department.

Hayes said details on Crockham’s arrest were unavailable. The Associated Press reports that Crockham was arrested without incident in Camden this morning, according to a law enforcement official with knowledge of the case who was not authorized to speak publicly. A judge has already set bail for him at $5 million, with no opportunity to post 10 percent of that amount in cash to gain his release.

Murder charges were filed against Jahmell W. Crockam, 19, of Edgewood Place, here, Saturday afternoon.

Crockam, whose street name is “Sav,” – short for “Savage” – had fled to Camden, a poor city on the opposite side of the state, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. A dragnet encompassing at least three states and more than 100 officers had been searching for him since the shooting Friday at 4 p.m.

Matlosz, 27, died Friday afternoon at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, less than an hour after he was reported being shot by a frantic 911 caller. A graduate of Howell High School and Brookdale Community College, he lived in Manchester and was engaged to be married.

Witnesses told police that Matlosz stopped Crockam in front of 1514 August Drive. The “routine” stop seemed to be non-confrontational. Then Crockam stepped back from the driver side of Matlosz’s car and fired three shots directly at the officer, authorities said.

“The facts are rather frightening in what was a routine stop, a routine conversation, not an alarming or hostile conversation between an officer and a suspect, certainly turned deadly,” said Ocean County Prosecutor Marlene Lynch Ford.



  1. can’t be him ah shaineh punim any mother would love
    whats the post office going to do now that there is a blank space on the wall and ruins the decor

  2. Once upon a time there was a radio legend named Bob Grant. He used to call these thugs ‘Savages’ and of course he got criticized off the air for using such descriptions. Here we have a monster who was already called that by his peers (at the young age of 19 yet!) and all he has done is taken a gun and killed a first class citizen and destroyed his immediate families. When someone like this has ‘served noticed on society that he isn’t fit to live among us – he should be removed from society’. Unfortunately ‘its sick out there and getting sicker’.

  3. Concealed weapons should be just as illegal as machine guns (and 18th century cannons).The second ammendment was meant for non-automatic rifles (and muskets).

  4. Bob Grant is still on the air. He was wrong. These creatures are worse than savages. They should be put down. Quickly. Before PETA can intervene.


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