Lakewood: Singer to Face Independent Candidate in November Election

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bob-singer1Just a few weeks after an effort by supporters of Hershel Herskowitz to have the owner of Toys for Thought in Lakewood run as an independent for Lakewood Township Committee was rejected by the Ocean County Clerk, another frum Lakewood resident, Aisik Akerman, has announced that he will be running against longtime Lakewood committeeman and State Senator Bob Singer (pictured).

In June, Herskowitz lost the Republican primary election for the Lakewood Township Committee to Senator Singer. A plan had been put in place for Herskowitz to fill the slot of independent candidate 23-year-old Shalom Egert, but that effort was quickly put to bed by the Ocean County Clerk. Akerman announced today that he will be running in Egert’s stead.

Akerman is a real estate agent with Crystal Realty in Lakewood and has served on the Lakewood Planning Board for a number of years. He is an alumnus of Beth Medrash Govoha and has resided in Lakewood for over a decade. He will battle against Singer, who has taken heat over the last six months for rising property taxes and what some have claimed is irresponsible spending by the Township.

The ballot in November will now feature Singer, a Republican, Akerman as an independent, and 54-year-old Marta Harrison, a former township committeewoman who was unopposed for the Democratic nomination.

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  1. Competition is good! Just ask the NJ Democrats who illegally forced Frank Lautenberg onto the ballot when the scheduled Democrastic candidate was forced out (I think for corruption or ethics violations) in the intrest of providing the voters choice.

  2. Wunderbar! Bob thought that he could breath easy again having gotten rid of HH. I sure hope he is squirming in his Jackson office in frustration at being challenged again by a much more poular guy than HH who has a much better chance of beating him. Go Izak go!


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