Lakewood: Town Approves Electronic Billboards

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billboardLakewood – Digital billboards have been approved for 10 locations on the township’s busiest roads, despite some residents begging the Township Committee to ban them because, they say, the signs distract drivers and cheapen the community’s image.

In addition to posing a distraction, the presence of digital billboards will cheapen the township’s image to the level of the “Vegas strip,” residents warned.

While the town allows billboards, digital billboards have not been a permitted use. The digital billboards will be privately owned, built, maintained and operated by one for-profit company that will meet the standards laid out by the new ordinance. There will be no cost to the town. The digital billboards also will generate revenue of $500-a-year fee for locations along routes 9 and 88, 70, 623, 549; Cedar Bridge Avenue and West County Line and Lanes Mill roads.

The ordinance was adopted unanimously – after amending the permitted height from 65 to 40 feet- at Thursday’s Township Committee meeting.

The billboards come with a host of stipulations, including no political advertising; allowing 10 percent of the screen be dedicated to township use as well as an 18-inch strip for public services messages; location restrictions and message details including no video or animation. The face of the total screen will be 14-by-48 feet.

Read more at the Asbury Park Press.

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  1. When they start posting inappropriate pictures who will take the blame? We will end up in court with freedom of expression issues. No doubt there are playoffs!!

  2. If only they would outlaw those annoying lawn signs that are left forever to fall out and dirty the roadside.. There should be a fine for all those who plant these signs and never remove them!

  3. Digital signage isn’t what makes a town look cheap. If anything it makes it look more progressive – depending on the type of signage used.

  4. Very bad idea!

    Even assuming the billboards are limited to respectable businesses they are still annoying and distracting for drivers.


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