Lakewood: Township Committee Announces New Traffic Lights

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Last night, the Lakewood, NJ, Township Committee announced at its meeting at Town Hall that they efforts to address gridlock conditions in the town continue.

The latest undertaking involved the installation of new traffic lights at the following intersections: Seventh Street and Forest Avenue, First Street and Clifton Avenue, Oak Street and Vine Street, Oak Street and Albert Avenue (at the roundabout), and Martin Luther King Drive and Pine Street.



  1. The only one that will help is Pine & MLK. The others are a waste – which is what they do best. Use the $ & widen 1 lane on 1 street

  2. The new traffic lights will only work if they are times properly. They cannot remain red for very long. The light at Williams and Prospect is a disaster due to the fact that the light is red for Williams Street for more than 60 seconds! It is green for only 15 seconds. 60 seconds is a long time to wait. It would make more sense to have it stay red for 30 or 35 seconds. Or, use a camera to enable it to turn green after 20 seconds as is in use on the corner of Sunset and James.

  3. What about a light at 14th St and Hope Chapel?????? The wait for a left turn from 14th to Hope Chapel can often take around five minutes — especially during morning and evening rush! Long overdue . Certainly more important than first and Clifton.t


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