Lakewood: Township Completes Road Repairs During Bein Hazemanim

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Ever wonder what traffic looked like in Lakewood 25 years ago? Take a drive through Lakewood each year during the two weeks after Shabbos Nachamu. Empty streets and plenty of place to park…

Traditionally, Lakewood has been known to become a ghost town over Shabbos Chanukah due to the mass exodus of yungeleit leaving town to visit their parents and in-laws. As the dynamics of the town changed, so did the nature of those moving to Lakewood. While in the past it was mostly younger people moving to Lakewood, the tides have now changed. There is a large influx of parents and in-laws who are moving to Lakewood to be with their children and grandchildren in their golden years.

In an effort to minimize undue aggravation to local motorists, elected officials advised the Department of Public Works that the weeks of summer following Tisha B’Av until Elul are the best time for much-needed capital improvement projects.

Over the past three weeks, the following roadways were repaved; 11th Street between Madison and Clifton Avenues; 6th Street between Lakewood and Forest Avenues; 6th Street between Clifton and Lexington Avenues; and 7th Street between Lakewood and Forest Avenues.

“The problem with newly-paved streets,” says Public Works Director Pat Donnelly, “is that people turn smooth new roadways into runways. I just want to remind motorists to enjoy the smooth new roadways while obeying local speed laws and being attentive to pedestrians and motorists alike.”

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  1. As an old time Lakewood resident I have to say that Bein Hasmanim is much busier than it used to be and doesn’t even reflect how much more peaceful Lakewood used to be. Although I found Bein Hazmanim to be a bit quieter, it was still quite busy. The only times that you can really see how Lakewood traffic used to be is possibly between 3 & 6 AM:)

  2. Lakewood isn’t a Township anymore, it’s unofficially a city being that it has over 100,000 ppl living here, they have to wait for the next census for the Town Hall to “Officially Declare it a City”

  3. Yes BE”H the next Census will be in 2020, but hopefully Lakewood BE”H with the help of Hashem could declare itself “a city” before that.


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