Lakewood Township Tackles Storm of the Century


bmg-snowAlthough Lakewood, NJ, was blanketed with a snowfall of between 28 and 30 inches, within 24 hours after the last snowflake fell, 95 percent of Lakewood roads had been ploughed at least once. Mayor Langert

said, “We thought the storm of the century was last year; this one definitely takes the cake-it was certainly more snow than had fallen at one time in 30 years.”

Mayor Langert and Meir Lichtenstein, who stayed with Lakewood Public Works (LPW) throughout the night, are commending the Lakewood Public Works Department for its yeoman’s job in going above and beyond the call of duty in dealing with this storm. Mayor Langert said, “I specifically want to thank Acting Director Alvin Burdge; Tony Arecchi, superintendent; Phil Roux, parks’ supervisor; Jim Casey, roads’ supervisor, for coming in on his vacation; and the myriad of drivers, mechanics, plough operators, front end loader workers; and a special thanks to Dorit Attias for sitting with me in the truck while I ploughed for more than four hours last night.”

“While other towns only had 50 percent of their streets ploughed, 95 percent of Lakewood streets were ploughed at least once by 6:00 a.m. and the other 5 percent will be done by early this afternoon,” said Mayor Langert.

Mayor Langert noted that Committeeman Lichtenstein worked tirelessly on behalf of everyone in Lakewood. “He left at 7:00 a.m. this morning, having stayed for 30 hours out of 48 hours; and I thank him. The people in LPW all worked double shifts, overtime, anything to make sure residents’ streets were ploughed as soon as humanly possible.”

In a storm of this size that raged rapidly through New Jersey, it was difficult to stay ahead of the amount of snow that fell. Mayor Langert said, “I realize and understand that the clearance of Lakewood streets is not perfect; but I do want to recognize the men and women in our public works department for going all out and coming through as much as humanly possible with unbelievable conditions.”

The Mayor urges everyone to be patient. The LPW and the Township Committee are all aware of the exasperation many people feel; but everyone is working hard to clear the streets of Lakewood as fast as possible.

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  1. I work for a day care program. Everyone from Lakewood was able to show up today – no one from Brick was able to get out of their house. Give credit where credit is due – Lakewood was A-OK. Thanks.

  2. They may have plowed the 23 inches but they left 1 inch as they do traditionaly not to ruin our “wonderfull” roads, (that need major repairs). So technichly close to “only” 5% was left unplowed. We look forward to proper technichs as in Montreal where they dump it in the river, or our own Gov. grounds, as the Board of Ed. etc. that are cleared right away and properly to the bare pavement, even thou they are closed!

  3. In regard to snow removal the Lakewood township has nothing to be proud of! They should be burying their faces in the snow.

  4. To all that worked valiantly to clear the streets Thank you for your efforts. My neighborhood was first plowed on Tuesday Moring at around 1:AM. Allot of the delay may have been avoided if people would not have left their cars in the street. When it started snowing, all cars should have been moved off the street and only after the street was plowed moved back on to the street. This was not the case and the lack of common sense hampered the streets from getting plowed in a timely fashion.

  5. My block has cars on the street, but we made sure to puat them all on one side. Not that it helped. Haven’t seen a plow yet, but don’t worry… we took matters in our own hands and sorta dug our way out till the corner.

  6. Spoke to my familly in lakewood,

    was a disaster there as well.

    Monsey and Monroe handled it te best , and they got plenty of snow


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