Lakewood’s COVID-19 School Funding More Than Double Of All Other Ocean County Districts Combined


U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced a few weeks ago that more than $13.2 billion in emergency relief funds are now available to state and local education agencies to support continued learning for K-12 students whose educations have been disrupted by the coronavirus, Shore News Network reports. Today, those figures were made public and only one school district in Ocean County is leaving the table with money hand over fist.  Lakewood Township is receiving $11,770,100 in funding. Combined, all of Ocean County’s other districts are receiving just $8,005,801 with a large portion of that, $1.6 million going to Toms River. In most school districts, the aid won’t even reimburse the superintendent’s salary.

ESSER Funding
Lakewood Township $11,770,110
Toms River Regional $1,681,633
Brick Township $980,498
Jackson Township $680,936
Barnegat Township $551,762
Lacey Township $522,987
Manchester Township $466,451
Pinelands Regional $369,174
Central Regional $346,440
Little Egg Harbor Township $302,162
Berkeley Township $276,818
Point Pleasant Boro $245,176
Ocean County Vocational $228,933
Southern Regional $225,402
Plumsted Township $176,587
Stafford Township $176,192
Seaside Heights Boro $146,673
Ocean Academy Charter School $111,911
Ocean Township $106,975
Point Pleasant Beach Boro $103,764
Lakehurst Boro $95,469
Tuckerton Boro $58,171
Ocean Gate Boro
Long Beach Island $44,388
Lavallette Boro $32,119
Bay Head Boro $24,575
Eagleswood Township $20,375
Island Heights Boro $16,766
Beach Haven Boro $16,128


  1. Is this perhaps connected to the number of students in a district? What a nice article for jew haters, Please a whole story not partial tidbits.

  2. The name is misleading since other districts have less people. Tom’s River is also more upscale, so they might not need as much funding.

    Many of the children that go here are the children of parents who work in Lakewood.

  3. There should be a third column showing how many school children there are in each district.Only then can one determine how fair this distribution is.

  4. Look where the money went to, the bus companies for not running busses, special ed subcontractor for not running classes and nursing contactors for not providing services.

  5. quick google search, should give you an idea, there still is a discrepency apparently, but it probably has to do with brackets, just like if you make 3 dollars more than the next guy you may land yourself in a higher tax bracket….
    lakewood 38,000 school age childre bA”h
    toms river 16,125
    brick 8,800
    jackson 9,500
    barnegat 3,189
    lacey 4,050
    manchester 2,950
    pinelands 1,550
    central ?
    little egg harbor 1,550


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