Lapid Accuses Netanyahu Of ‘Using Intelligence For His Election Propaganda’

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Blue and White No. 2 Yair Lapid accuses Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of “shocking irresponsibility” in revealing an alleged Iranian nuclear weapons development facility days before Knesset elections.

“Again Netanyahu uses intelligence information for his election propaganda,” Lapid says in a statement. “That is shocking national irresponsibility. The Iranian nuclear program cannot be used for campaign shenanigans.”

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Lapid, there’s good reason Hashem gives chochmah, intelligence, wisdom, to chachamim, to the intelligent, not to guys like you.

  2. Netanyahu while he has done some decent things in the past it seems staying in office Is an ends
    And but little more rather than a means
    especially now after his appointment of the perverted albeit temporary Justice minister
    At least to retract and mitigate the Fallout

    how come we’re still In his Camp as if there is no alternative in his own party or on the right that is capable

    speak to the people on the street they are tired of him and his economic policies as well

    How is it that religious sites such as these are so obsessed with Netanyahu


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