Lapid Apologizes to Hashem for Not Yet Drafting Chareidim

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yair-lapidTalk about apologizing before Yom Kippur. But this is probably not what you had in mind.

Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid, in a post on his Facebook page on Erev Yom Kippur, apologized for not yet drafting chareidim, initiating civil marriage and providing public transportation on Shabbos.

In short, he apologized for not yet totally destroying the Olam Hatorah and not yet publicly increasing chillul Shabbos.

“I have what to apologize for, Master of the Universe, but not for mistakes we [in the Yesh Atid party] made, but for what we have not yet changed,” Lapid wrote on his page.

“As long as there is no civil marriage and public transportation on Shabbat because of people who think they speak in your name, we have what to change. As long as we have not completed the historic process of drafting chareidim and enabling them to enter the workforce, we have what to change.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Matzav readers may be laughing at Mr. Lapid’s remarks and calling them rhetoric, but, in truth, the Charedi world in Eretz Yisrael is going to change. If not now, then in 3 months, or 6 months, or a year.

    Every public opinion poll taken in EY clearly indicates that the vast majority of the non-Haredi public supports Lapid, in one way or another.

  2. May he be chozer bteshuvah.
    We must daven for him to realize his mistake, not for him to drop dead. Nebach he is a lost neshama who is doing so much damage. May he see the correct path.
    As a fellow Yid, he is invited to my house anytime to see how beautiful our Torah life is.

  3. I hope Hashem does not forgive him. Hashem will not forgive this member of the Erev Rav, mizera Amalek. This was only intended to try and mock Hashem.

  4. ???? ?’ ????? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ??? Heshem watches Eretz Yisroel even from our own that seek to destroy it, however if us frum yidin would be a better ???? ??? and not a ????? of A ??? then perhaps these uneducated would have more respect to yishkit.

  5. Why do you have it in for the charedim? Did someone insult you when you were younger? Do you feel threatened? I know a good psychologist who can help you? I mean, who else would davka hang around charedi websites just to throw spears at them. I mean, matzav is good, but it sounds like jpost suits you more.

  6. Ironically one can gain a lot of inspiration from this.
    You see the amazing miracle of Hashem’s Creation that he can create a concept called free choice to such an extent that a thinking person can believe he needs to apologize to Hashem for not creating more Chillul Shabbos in the world – and call him Ribono Shel Olam in the same breath!

    You would think that the intellect would laugh itself silly over such an absurd notion. But not once the Yetzter Hara is in control, then the ludicrous makes perfect sense, as Chazal say “Ain Adam Choteh eleh im kein nichnas bo ruach shtus”

  7. If you say the charedi world will change, you are wrong Mr. Levy, what will change is the Israeli government. That will eventually collapse. Thanks to the fools who are running it now. So much inflation, and hatred against the frum community, it’s impossible that it will last much longer.

  8. ‘Yoshev b’shamayim yischak’

    His wrapping evil with dripping fake piousness
    (that he smirks even for the outcry),
    and all who support him,is being counted on high,and they will be dealt with by the One who he leeringly ‘apologizes’ to

    you see this guy still making a ruckus,
    one might ask ” H’gibor:A’yey G’vurosav”

    We all should have davened for his destruction
    without apologies.


    1.”Every opinion..”
    when you zero clue,keep your mouth moving
    2.It already has been changing for the past decade,way too much
    (Of course,as only ‘useful idiots’ miss,but as the wicked are all aware ,it was always in flux)
    They’ll be/have been attacked forever and as much as YOU allow it to be gotten away with

  9. 15. Comment from Dear Moshe Levy
    Time September 15, 2013 at 1:57 PM

    Why do you have it in for the charedim? Did someone insult you when you were younger? Do you feel threatened? I know a good psychologist who can help you? I mean, who else would davka hang around charedi websites just to throw spears at them. I mean, matzav is good, but it sounds like jpost suits you more.

    Moshe Levy responds:

    My family, my close friends, and I are all Shomer Torah and Mitzvos. We have ALL served in the IDF, and none of us are any worse for it.

    I have family members and friends who have fallen and/or have been severely wounded in the line of duty.

    If Eretz Yisrael is not important enough for you to put yourselves into harms-way to defend, then perhaps you should, as the Brisker Rav suggested, move the Yeshivas back to Minsk and Pinsk and Budapest.

  10. The real damage that Lapid is doing is with his budget cuts. The cuts to social welfare programs are the kinds of things that Republicans are trying to do in America, and the cuts to yeshivas — already underfunded compared to secular universities — are the kind of things that should be unthinkable! Imagine Italy cutting its budget for opera!!! (Well, actually, the previous PM Berslusconi tried just that and was forced from office as a result. Why aren’t Israelis up in arms about this? And the Dati yeshivot are getting hurt just as badly — why is Bennett not screaming?)

  11. We Davened ??? ????? ???? ???? ???? I hope it happens soon!

    I also hope we all do Tsheuva and remove our own ???? it will surly go a long way in helping others remove their ?????

    Lapid is a reflection of our generation, we must do more Tsheuva and rid the bad among us, it will rid the bad of the rest of the world with the coming of Moshiach!

  12. avoided the questions. as for your serving, in the IDF – don’t be short sighted in thinking the only way to “serve” EY is in the IDF. BTW, last I checked the mitzvah is to serve hashem, not the IDF avoda zara.

    BTW,I’ve also had family who’ve fallen in the IDF, some died and MANY died spiritually. Went in frum and came out chiloni. What a way to serve EY, or Gd.

  13. #1,#25

    My family BUILT the COUNTRY
    and left it for us to lament their disaster

    You obviously were terribly ruined in the army,or perhaps remained the same from before …which seems pretty s/bad


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