Lapid Calls For State To Recognize Reform and Conservative Conversions


Blue and White leader MK Yair Lapid on Shabbos spoke to members of the Reform Movement in Israel about the changes Blue and White will make on issues of religion and state.

“One of our core issues is religion and state. Israel is the only country in the Western world where Jews don’t have freedom of religion,” he claimed. “We must change that.”

“The complete control by the Orthodox stream of Judaism must stop. Religious coercion must stop. Alongside the rabbinate we need a civil track, civil marriage. All streams of Judaism – Reform, Conservative – must be equal before the law. All streams of Judaism must have access to the Kotel, in accordance with the Kotel framework. It’s a framework which requires compromise, we don’t like all of it but it’s a smart compromise.”

Lapid continued: “The State needs to recognize Reform and Conservative conversion. And the same is true with budget allocations – we need equality between the streams of Judaism. Either the country helps communities, or it doesn’t. If it does, then it has to help them all.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Makes as much sense as recognizing Israeli citizenship that was granted by the PA. In fact, (U.S.)-Reform was the official movement that officially denied in its inauguration any connection to Israel or Jerusalem or even that Jews were a nation at all.

  2. There are no streams of Judaism. There is Judaism. Some of the reform and conservatives might be Jewish but they dupe people into thinking they have converted when they haven’t acceptef the G-d -given Torah and His commandments.
    The reform and conservative movements are worse than coronavirus.


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