Lapid: Fire Israel’s Chief Rabbis

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finance-minister-yair-lapidIsraeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid on Friday launched a scathing attack on Israel’s chief rabbis, Rav David Lau and Rav Yitzchak Yosef, after the two ruled that Jewish law forbids religious girls from enlisting in the IDF.

In a post on his Facebook page, Lapid slammed the decision and called for the two rabbis to be dismissed from their jobs. He also said that his Yesh Atid party will work to ensure that they are fired.

“It is insolent and a national scandal, and we will act to have them dismissed, both in the Knesset and in the government and even in the legal sphere if need be,” he declared. “These civil servants who are employed by the State of Israel and receive a very lovely salary are sitting in their comfortable offices with their state-provided vehicles and announce that they do not agree that women should serve in the mud and cold as fighters, in aviation courses, in the Border Police.

“Does this mean that the female commander of the Eitam combat battalion should resign? And what about [the head of the IDF’s Manpower Division] Orna Barbivai? Or all the female teacher soldiers? And what about the female intelligence soldiers I met two weeks ago in the Northern Command, who prevent the infiltration of terrorists through the fence? Should they also not serve? “David Lau and Yitzchak Yosef no longer deserve to serve as Chief Rabbis in Israel.” Read more at Arutz Sheva.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. This man is a fool and Ignoramous.He has no inkling of what the Jewish cndition consists of. Hopefully this will begin his demise from Israeli politics.

  2. How can a public figure in the Israeli government speak so disrespectfully without impunity. It just shows that many Israelis must agree with him. It is a reflection of a very deep hatred for religious Jews in Israel. How sad.

  3. Believe it or not the divinely mandated command and control structure for the holy Land is actually a monarchy. Think constitutional more than absolute. The royal court needs an inner circle/privy council/sanhedrin arrangment to assist with managing the realm. People forget that the Hebrews had a monarchy for 420 years, but alas many leaders and others did “Evil in the sight of the L-rd” and the institution failed.

    P.S. Moshiach appoints his Sanhedrin, not vice versa. Because Moshiach is also a prophet he is self anointed with G-d’s help so the criteria for semicha is satisfied.

  4. i would not be surpeised if ya-ear lapid was a goy three is nothing about him that shows yiddishness his demeanor is like that of a goy

  5. Minister Lapid has exceeded his late father with his invective. The Elder Lapid could be excused because of trauma experience as a child during the Shoa. Yair has no such excuse. What is even more disturbing is Minister Lapid’s failure to understand that the Chief Rabbinate should enjoy the status of other “state employees” whose job it is to critique the State’s laws and policies even if they disagree. These public servants are called Judges. The independence a Judiciary enjoys is so fundamental to notions of democracy that to deny it would undermine that legal system’s whole credibility as well as that country’s status as a democracy. The Chief Rabbis are charged with articulating Jewish Law . Require their decisions to conform with state polices is as absurd as it is wrong. Minister Lapid not knowing this is disturbing. Rabbi Lipman remaining in Yeish Atitd undermines his own credibility and fidelity to Torah values as well.


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