Lapid Giddy That Child Allowance Payments Hit All-Time Low

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yair-lapidIsrael’s child allowance payments will fall to their lowest levels ever tomorrow.

Just a few years ago, as much as NIS 400 per child were given to families. Those payments will now be NIS 140 (under $40) per child per month

Finance Minister Yair Lapid cannot contain his unmitigated joy over the cuts.

“[This] was one of the central campaign promises we made,” Lapidwrote on Facebook, “and now the cuts are actually being implemented. We will surely assist families that need help, and we have put aside millions to make sure that children are fed properly. We have also done away with child payments for the wealthiest families.”

“It has been proven many times that child payments are not the way to extricate families from the quagmire of poverty,” wrote Lapid. “They just perpetuate and increase poverty. Only one thing helps take families out of of poverty and that is work. This is what responsibility, both parental and social, is all about.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Lapid, you are a hypocrite. You know very well – or you should, if you’re worth anything as a Finance Minister – that the child allowances as they stand now (before being slashed) are a drop in the bucket. You also know that the ones it’s most important to are the families who ARE working and are struggling to make it. That extra 1,000 shekel or so makes a major difference to exactly the kind of families you purport to want to help. THe ones who are in dire poverty are on the tzedakah lists.

    The only reason you are so thrilled with this is because the only section of the population it really hurts are those with large families, i.e. religious Jews.

    You think that work is a magic formula – just work, and you’ll be financially stable. You ignore the fact that the VAST majority of families in Israel have at least one spouse working, including the chareidim. And a huge percentage of the country is struggling.

    You live in a bubble, Lapid. You think that North Tel Aviv is all there is to this country.

    Tell the truth, Lapid: You are hoping, just as your predecessors did before you (the last time around they actually said it out loud in the Knesset), that by slashing the child allowances you will cut down on the number of children in frum families.

    You will be disappointed, just as those before you were.

  2. This is was Harav Shach meant not to rely on the government! (I personally feel the pain as my kid’s kitzvat yeladim were cut in HALF)

    True we aren’t necessarily entitled to anything, but the explicit hatred toward the shomrei Hatorah stings. Especially coming from a “Jewish” government.

    Ana Hashem Hoshea NA!

  3. When budgets are slashed, every sector that gets affected feels it’s personal…education, social services, medical, work….I can understand the anger…but before anyone gets angry at what is slashed, it needs to be looked at in the context of what remained untouched….what did the government have the temerity and gaul to leave untouched WHILE they slash subsidies, etc? That’s the fuller picture worth looking at before accusing the government of cruelty etc….in a touch budget, all kinds of things get affected….but at the expense of WHAT?


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