Lapid Says Netanyahu Is ‘Not Stable’

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Kachol Lavan number 2 man Yair Lapid is accusing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of being “not stable.”

Lapid was responding to a television report on Sunday night that claimed the Likud party and Kachol Lavan party were seeking to shore up support for a Knesset vote to cancel the September elections, paving the way for a unity government. Both parties denied the report.

“So Netanyahu first took us to early elections. And then he wanted another election. Now he’s scared of elections. Tomorrow, he’ll want elections again,” says Lapid at a weekly faction meeting. “He’s not stable. We can’t afford a prime minister who isn’t stable. This country needs stability.”

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. And mr Lapid we can’t afford a prime minister that hates religious people so I pray that you soon join your father

  2. How does not being able to form a coalition with belligerent partners, a sign that someone is unstable?


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