Lapid To Chareidi MKs: You Are Keeping Moshiach From Coming

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yair-lapidYou really gotta love Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid. Not only is he saving us from ourselves, but he even knows why Moshiach hasn’t come.

What a gem of a guy!

Lapid lashed out against the members of the chareidi parties in the Knesset this week, accusing them of preventing the coming of Moshiach.

You heard it. Lapid knows it to be true.

What a guy!

During a session of the Knesset plenum, Lapid spoke on behalf of the coalition in response to a series of no-confidence motions submitted by the opposition, focusing mainly on a motion submitted by Yahadut Hatorah titled “The finance minister’s incitement and harassment against the charedi public in efforts to divert attention from the austerity measures imposed on the general public, thus promoting extremism among the people.”

“You accuse me of incitement?” Lapid asked. “Your [charedi] media compares all secular women to zonot and all secular youths to drug addicts and hedonists. And that’s before we discuss the recent editorial…that compared me to Hitler.

“Does telling the charedi public that I want the exact same rights for them as I do for my own son constitute harassment?” Lapid inquired. “Does expecting them to honor the fourth commandment constitute harassment? It says ‘Six days you shall labor and do all your work’ not ‘six days you shall receive government stipends and the secular people shall labor.’

“We are not Moshiach’s donkey. That is what we have been for too long. It won’t bring Moshiach. It will keep Moshiach away. Anyone who accuses others of incitement is merely adding to the hatred in Israel, and adding to hatred keeps Moshiach away.”

Lapid also said, “We believe that the cuts to the yeshiva budget will not harm the Torah world. It will only mean that people will go to work in the morning and study Torah at night, just like our forefathers. If you want to help the poor, help them join the workforce. You want to help the people of Israel? Stop the incitement and the harassment. No one hates anyone and no one is out to get anyone.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. If only Lapid would keep the end of the Pasuk! When you keep Shabbos, get back to us! How can Dovy Lipman stay in the same party with this son of a Goy?!

  2. Terrify this evil sucm..

    Moshiach is what?

    Who (,yes,) will meet their end?

    Demand for definition of Moshiach

    Be prepared to suffer indigestion

    When he steals and manipulates words and twists them,they should rubbed on his face


  3. he is a person who is true to himself and that is what counts in this world he doesnt live in a world of fantasy and illusion he lives in reality lets see if this oppinion of mine will be accepted here because many times when i disagree with this site they take out what i wrote.

  4. I nominate him for Chief Rabbi!
    (And if chas v’shalom he doesn’t make it – because he’s not wearing a kipah sruga – I think his place would be mashgiach of Yeshiva…)

  5. he is accurately reflecting chazal; sinat chinom caused the churban and keeps moshiach from coming. the same chazal who mandated torah im derech eretz and teaching children a trade.

  6. but in this case, he may be somewhat right, but for the wrong reasons.

    Too long, the Charedi politicians have been looking out for the frum community and our needs, sometimes at a dangerous cost. (support of Oslo, camp David, etc) which led to years of terrorism and terrible loss of life, r”l.

    There are about 6 million Yidden in Eretz Yisrael. While some (like 10 percent) are haters of everything Torah and Yiddishkeit, the majority are simply uneducated and uninformed. For too long, the Charedi parties have looked out for our own communities and never doing much on behalf of the hundred of thousands of Yiddishe neshamas who don’t know anything about Yiddishkeit. There is only lip service paid to this. If the Charedi MK would have used their position to ensure that EVERY school has a proper curriculum and that the children in Eretz Yisoel know who they are, we wouldn’t be facing this big divide. The Charedi parties have been self serving and not caring about Klal Yisrael.
    So, as much as I hate to agree with a rabble rouser like Lapid, in this case, unfortunately and painfully, he is right about the frum politicians in Eretz Yisroel…

  7. Imagine if such a statement was said in any other government! This coming from the opposition! What a beautiful people we are!

  8. I don’t see why you are mocking what Mr. Lapid said.

    Isn’t he right that the Charedi media vilifies the secular public? Isn’t he correct that frum kids are brought up thinking that anyone not frum is a baal taavah without morals?

    Isn’t he right that even you – – say horrible things about him that even his secular opponents would never stoop to saying?

  9. read his words objectively without bias towards the speaker. are they acurate and factual? Modeh al ha emes is indeed a challenging midah.

  10. the fact is that the last few months have seen irresponsible pronouncements – pure Hyperbole – that serves only to inflame and further alienate – from both sides

    neither side – emphasis on neither – is free from sin

    both sides – emphasis on both – are engaged in rechiles and sinas chinam that reminds me more and more of the Tekufah of Bayis Sheni

    Hashem Yerachem

  11. If anyone wants to know Mr.L’s true platform please go to Wikipedia Yesh Atid. There you will find out that he not only wants to minimize torah learning, but that he supports many anti-Torah bills such as chillul Shabbos, same-gender marriage, etc. It is a disgrace for any self-respecting frum yid to support this draft-dodging two faced soneh and ben soneh Torah.

  12. .“You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” He lapid is trying his best to wake up the dreamers,todays world is not the world of the past dont ignore reality because its at youre own peril its a no brainer

  13. Mr. Lapid’s words are not factual. No, not all charedi children are brought up to think that all non-religious Jews are horrible. And neither are all secular women referred to as what he said.

    One thing is most definitely true: the opposition (and mind you, this is not only UTJ)is 100% right. Lapid’s popularity has tumbled because the public has woken up, smelled the coffee and realized that as Finance Minister, he is in way over his head, and they are not pleased.

    Lapid is using anti-charedi measures to deflect from his ineptitude. He realizes that he won’t be able to ride his way to the Prime Ministry on his capabilities as Finance Minister, so he’s trying to do so as the one who finally got the charedim.

  14. i never thought i would be low enough to ever leave a post on any web site just so others can hear my two cents of a brain,but i just want to thank you all for all your posts and comments, for you all have opened my eyes to a world i never new existed.The world of brilliance for now instead of listening to the people i respect most in knowledge and in action,i will trust that all that is right is my untainted and completely objective mind.So you see,all that seems right must be right,right? Call me….Korach.Thank you again.

  15. Lapid’s whole goal is the deJudaization of Israel! He is obsessed with achieving it, most probably a promise to his father.

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  17. He keeps the 6 days of the posuk, we keep the 1 seventh day. That makes him 6 times better than us – LOL.
    If you are going to publish this am ha’aratzus and apikursus of these ignoramuses Lapid and Lipman, at least put in a clear ma’achao to this childish misinterpertation of the Srh commandment:
    Sheishes Yamaim Ta’avod is a RESHUS. Yom Hashvi’I is a commandment with a penalty of Karus. The entire Mesechta Shabbos and Hilchos Shabbos discusses strictly the seventh day, not mentioning the 6 days at all. What a pair of boors!


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