Lapid to Reporter: “Why Don’t You Ask PA or Gaza About Women’s, Christian Rights?”


International media outlets like Britain’s Guardian are responsible for discouraging the PA leadership from making concessions necessary to end their conflict with Israel, Israeli opposition party leader Yair Lapid said this week in a meeting with the Foreign Press Association in Yerushalayim, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Responding to a hostile question from a reporter who writes for the Guardian, Lapid said, “It’s a declared policy of Israel that we need to go to a two-state solution and the ones who refused it were the Palestinians. The ones who call Jews ‘pigs’ and ‘monkeys’ in their schoolbooks are the Palestinians. The problem is that the Palestinians are encouraged by the Guardian and others saying we don’t need to do anything in order to work for our future because the international community will call Israel an ‘apartheid country.'”

Lapid asked the reporter, “Why don’t you go to the Palestinian Authority or to Gaza and ask them about women’s rights, gay rights, Christian rights?”

{ Israel}



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