Lapid’s ‘Charedi Protester’ Outed As Secular Activist In Disguise


On Sunday, Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid led a demonstration at Tel Aviv’s Center train station against proposed amendments to the Draft Law proposed by haredi lawmakers.

Flanking Lapid was a demonstrator in charedi clothing, who held a sign reading “Real believers  do not dodge the draft”.

However, sharp-eyed observers noted that the charedi man was actually a secular Yesh Atid member in disguise who had appeared with Lapid at other events.

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  1. We chareidim are slowly going to get the upper hand both here in America and Israel. With our increasing birth rate we will outnumber the reform and atheistic secular liberal Jews. Time is on our side.

        • Really? In addition to the Hand of HaShem, Klal Yisrael has needed an army since the time of Avraham Avienu, Moshe Rabbeinu, David HaMelech, etc. etc.

          Let’s be honest with each other. The primary reason that Haredi Israelis do not want to serve in the IDF is because of the danger. Sitting in Kollel may be more important than the IDF, but it certainly is not as dangerous. And that, friends, is fixed, determined, and inviolable fact.

          • How dare you compare Moshe Rabbenu’s army and David Hamelech’s army consisting of HOLY YIREI SHAMYAIM and YIREI CHET MEN ONLY that in their merit the land was protected, to G-dless, sinful, immoral soldiers men and women who cause anger to Hashem causing Hashem to turn away from this army as the Torah clearly states that if immoral people join the army, Hashem will turn away from them and not protect them ch”v.

          • Ridiculous!Car more people have been murdered in terrorist attacks than from serving in the army in say, the last 20 years!and a disproportionate number are charedim and datiim since we are easily identifiable as Jews.Danger has nothing to do with it.The fact is that the IDF is controlled by anti-religious leftists and the immorality and secularization has gotten so bad that even dati leumi rabbis are questioning ,and even threatening to assur , service in the IDF.

      • As long as the army is treif shebetreif, with immorality and G-dlessnes on the highest level, no religious Jew may enlist. Let secular draft dodgers enlist. They’re not protecting the land by learning Torah or doing mitzvos, they might as well protect it with weapons. Shame on secular draft dodgers.

      • If you had a genuinely kosher army that operated according to halacha, it wouldn’t be a problem for chareidim to join. Armed frum Jews protected fellow Jews in Eretz Yisrael long before the IDF, as testified to in books such as “Guardian of Jerusalem” and “Rebels in the Holy Land.”

    • Jews don’t need armies. The torah protects us. “loy bachayil valoy bekoach”. you say that by davening every day, right?
      If you’ll tell me the Yehoshua ben nun fought with armies let me tell you he had direct permission from hashem, and his army constituted of tzaddikim, not shkotzim and shiksas who are oiver on kol hatorah kuloy like these disgusting IDF soldiers.

      • Avraham Avienu had an army, as did David HaMelech and numerous other Jewish heroes of the Tanach.

        Let’s be honest with each other. The primary reason that Haredi Israelis do not want to serve in the IDF is because of the danger. Sitting in Kollel may be more important than the IDF, but it certainly is not as dangerous. And that, friends, is a fixed, determined, and inviolable fact.

        • Are you seriously comparing Avraham Avinu and David Hamelech’s armies to the IDF? are you mashuga or something? These people were holy tzaddikim, who had permission from Hashem to go to war! not like the immoral, godless IDF which is so filthy and full of aveiros and who’s existence itself is an aveira! we are not allowed to fight wars in galus!

          • You are insane to call the IDF “immoral” and “godless”.

            Almost 20% of the IDF today is Shomer Torah u’mitvos. In the most recently graduating IDF Officer’s Course, more than 15% were kippah srugah Torah-Jews.

            You try to keep making excuses to rationalize why Haredim don’t serve. The real reason is that they are afraid to do so. They are simply cowards.

        • Douglas Arthur, most of us religious people are in greater danger walking to the Kotel through Damascas gate or sitting at a light rail station, than serving in the IDF.You don’t know the statistics! At present, 20-25% of dati leumi come out of the IDF, anx it has the dati leumi public very worried and there have been recommendations for boys to go learn in yeshiva for a solid year before enlisting to try to give them strength againest the very strong forces of secularization and hafkerus in the IDF.Many people would no more send their children to the IDF than they would to a Christian missionary camp or coed dorm!

          • And lets assume for one second that this 20% being “shomer torah umitzvos” is true, it doesn’t take away from the fact that 80% of the army is freia immoral, secular, leftist apikorsim, people who don’t even believe in hashem. and, for a jew to be a shaliach to bring a yeshuah to klal yisrael you cant just be religious- you must be a tzaddik! you cant even be oiver on a minor rabbinical infraction!
            Do you know jewish history at all? do you know how many soldiers they sent home from the war front because of aveiros? do you know that we lost wars against kananim because of the chet of ONE soldier?

  2. “Real believers do not dodge the draft” huh? What about your secular draft dodgers, Mr. Lapid? There are about 50% of them, mostly from Tel Aviv. You hypocrite! Liar!

    While your holy grandfather, Rav Shmuel Shmelke Klein zt”l, was the author of צרור החיים (Tzror HaChaim), you’re the צורר היהודים (Tzorer HaYehudim).

  3. “real believers” know the IDF is trief, the state of israel is oiver on shalosh shvuos, and the whole entire so called jewish state is out to destroy yiddishkeit.

  4. Stupid times. The full of K’lal Yisrael is jewish. Charedi, reform and any other. If you want to be jewish and live in Israel, you are JEWISH.

    The state will have its priority. We must agree on a plan.

    There is a hope for great study and we must have rabbiniate. In all we will.

    In other hope, we have a military. It will be born. A man or in this day a woman and yet I am certain that will not change will serve.

    We in America watch this angry. The charedi excuse is not strong enough and it even has a secular side- war.

    So its Lapid and he is in office. Watch his work. His Torah skill shabby is his father’s house. His day in the office is his own. We must work and this must be a future with safety in our state. He is right.

  5. Let the chilonim serve in the army. With the Chareidim davening and learning, they’ll be matzliach.

    • Nonsense. The IDF is mixing men and women and Hashem DOES NOT send a yeshuah through such shlichim. Besides, they are oiver on shalosh shvuous so even if they would be religous its also a problem. Davening for them to succeed is like davening for someone carrying out a bank robbery that they should be successful. Insane.

    • so let the ones learning in a warm Beis Medresh serve on the front line together with the armed soldiers and let the learners have no guns. that shouldn’t be a problem?


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