Lara Trump To Women: It’s OK To Like Donald Trump Even If You Don’t Love His Style


Lara Trump, the 37-year-old wife of the president’s son Eric, has emerged as a top campaign adviser for President Trump, focusing heavily on women voters. Polls have consistently shown women are less supportive than men of Trump. In the 2018 midterms, suburban women rejected the GOP in large numbers, raising fears in the party that a similar gender gap could play out in the November presidential election.

Through the “Women for Trump” initiative spearheaded by Lara Trump, the campaign is trying to energize the president’s female supporters and make inroads with women who like some aspects of Trump’s presidency but dislike others.

“Whether you don’t like everything he says, or the way he says it, or his hair or whatever it is, you can’t argue that what he’s done hasn’t worked in this country,” she told USA TODAY while crisscrossing Iowa on a bus tour.

Read more at USA TODAY.



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