Latvia’s Elects First Jewish President

Egils Levits,

Latvian lawmakers have elected Egils Levits, a judge with the European Court of Justice, to become the Baltic nation’s head of state.

Levits, a 63-year-old lawyer and political scientist educated in Germany, was expelled from the Soviet Union with his Jewish parents in 1972 because the KGB viewed them as a threat to the Communist regime

The family settled in Germany, where Levits obtained law and political science degrees before returning to Latvia a decade later and entering politics. Levits wrote the country’s 1990 declaration of independence following the end of the Soviet occupation and later served as a member of parliament, justice minister and ambassador to Switzerland, Hungary, Germany and Austria.

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    • litvaks lived in the current borders of Lithuania Belarus and Latvia. lita means Lithuania and litvak means Lithuanian jew. by Lita the term came from past borders of Lithuania. not the current borders. you can Google polish Lithuanian commonwealth

  1. Litvaks, in a geographic as opposed to ideological meaning of the word, come from Lithuania, specifically greater Lithuania, which includes contemporary Baltic countries, Belarus, some western parts of Russia. According to this, Chabadniks should be classified as chasidishe litvaks.

    • chabad is litvish. their are litvish chasiduses just like polish chasiduses and Hungarian etc…
      slonim is another chasidus that comes from lita and also stolin. when people say litvish it confuses the situation but in lita their were misnagdim and chasidim. people use litvish nowadays as equal to yeshivish but somebody who hails from Poland or Hungary is not litvish maybe litvish derech.

  2. Disinformation! Only his biological father was Jewish, his mother was Latvian, which makes him a goy gomur. He even considers himself as a regular Latvian and not a Jew.
    PS To all idiots bothered by term “biological”, that’s because a Jew has no halachic relationship to his goyishe progeny.

  3. He identifies as a Latvian whose father was formally Jewish (belief was not flaunted nor often practiced in Soviet tines) He mother was of Baltic German ancestry. If the Israeli and Jewish media find this of interest, then it is good publicity for Latvia and speaks well for democracy and tolerance in a country that had little time to learn or enjoy either under the authoritarian regime of 1934-1940, under the Soviet terror of 1940-41, the Nazis and the Holocaust 1941-1945 (yes, Latvians participated both in the killing, the saving and the passive shocked bystanding as Jewish Latvians were killed) and the Soviet occupation from 1945-1991.


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