Lauder To Biden: ‘This Is Not Germany In 1938; This Is The United States In 2023’

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Back in 2016, Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, presented the Theodor Herzl Award—the organization’s highest honor—to then-Vice President Joe Biden. On March 26, he penned a letter to the now U.S. president, whom he called “a friend of the Jewish people,” about the need to curb rising antisemitism.

“Today, America is witnessing the most frightening increase in antisemitism since the end of World War II,” Lauder wrote in the letter appearing as an ad in the New York Post. “Jews make up just 2% of the U.S. population, but are the target of more than half of all religious hate crimes.”

He noted that it is common for celebrities, athletes and even members of Congress to say “the most outrageous anti-Jewish slurs,” and Jewish students are “singled out” on campuses for their Jewish names or defense of Israel’s right to exist.

“Jewish enrollment at elite schools has plummeted. Jewish students are excluded from clubs and denied positions,” he wrote. “This is not Germany in 1938; this is the United States in 2023. Mr. President, only you can stop this rising tide of hatred against the Jewish people.”

First, Biden should tell Americans that “antisemitism is no different than racism” in a major address. Second, the president should call out those, including “the extreme progressive members of your own party,” who support boycotting and divesting from Israel.

“These people don’t represent your values, the values of the Democratic Party or our country’s values,” wrote Lauder.

Third, Biden should direct the Education and Justice Departments to investigate antisemitism on campuses. Under the 2019 Executive Order that placed antisemitism under Title VI protections, colleges and universities are supposed to lose federal funding if they allow discrimination against Jews.

“This is not just a Democratic or Republican issue,” Lauder wrote. “It does not come only from the left or from the right. And it is not just a problem coming from non-Jews. … I will not be silent when Jews face hatred in America.” JNS


  1. One wonders Hashems purpose to this era. The BDS seems infused by burning desires and the jew on campus pays the price.

    Maybe it should be jewish schools for jewish children. Will college fall out in this era?

    Biden is a tough guy but he looks nothing like a biblical cigar. My thought is he will make zero difference when Islam buys each day a new risk.

    Great but we need to fund yeshivahs.

  2. There may be no statistics for how many times Jews were discriminated against forty or fifty or sixty years ago, but there were plenty of incidents then too. Don’t delude yourself.

    Now, due to technology, it is easier to report incidents and compile statistics, so it may seem worse than ever, but that is not necessarily the case.

  3. Just because mainstream media decided to make some president, doesn’t mean he’s POTUS because he’s NOT!

  4. I could imaging Biden receiving this Letter. He will read it. Laugh & confirm, he doesn’t see the great issue at hand. Things are fine in the USA. Or he will without thinking too much see the mentioned year of 2016 and Blake on the Trump administration as he did with so many other issues today.

    Finally he will, with much delight throw it in the waste basket. Like many other emails he received.

    בניסן נגאל ובניסן עתידין להגאל. בקרוב
    א כשרן פריילעכן יום טוב פסח

  5. “This is not Nazi Germany in 1938, this is the United States.”
    That sounds so absolutely ignorant from someone who should know better.
    Back in 1933, Jews were saying in Germany, “This is not Spain in 1492, this is 20th century Deutschland”.
    Zechor Yemois Oylom, Binuh Shnois Dor vaDor

  6. My daughter was walking in front of Macy’s Tuesday evening when a white woman on a bike approached her and yelled,”f…. You, you dirty Jew” my daughter was frightened that she might be run over and ran into a neighboring store. My daughter did not wear a star of David or wore any identifiable garments, yet somehow the antisemite attacked my daughter. The police were called and my daughter filed a report. It’s not going to end until a law is passed to put antisemites in jail.


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