Laura Ingraham Throws Cold Water on Press Secretary Speculation

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During her Tuesday appearance on Fox & Friends, Laura Ingraham indicated that she wasn’t super-excited about the possibility that she might replace Sean Spicer as Press Secretary.

Recent reports indicate that Spicer could soon be promoted to head of the White House communications department, and that Ingraham is one of the leading candidates to replace him at his podium. The matter attracted interest on Monday due to the White House’s off-camera press briefing, and today, Ingraham talked to Fox about how many questions she’s been getting about whether there was any truth to the reported developments.

“I’ve always said that if it’s something that I think I could do well, and it would really advance the agenda of this administration at a time where I think there’s so much at stake for the country and for the future, you know, I would think about it. I’m not sure if that’s the role I would pick for myself, but I have a legal background, strategic, you know, political communications planning. I’m not sure the press secretary thing is something I’m dying to do.” Read more here.





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