LaVar Ball Offers To Send Trump Basketball Shoes

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LaVar Ball on Saturday quipped that he’s going to send President Trump a pair of his son’s signature brand of basketball shoes so Trump can “calm down a little bit,” amid an ongoing feud between the two men.

“Check this out, I’m going to send Trump some ZO2s. We just got them out, man, we putting them on flight today, today is the 24th, and I said we’re shipping out ZO2s. You know what, I got to ship some to Trump so he can calm down a little bit,” Ball said in a video posted by TMZ Sports.

“You put them on, you’re going to ease up a little bit,” he suggested.

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  1. Mr Lavar, you’re a boorish bum! With a such a bummy ungrateful father, is it any wonder your son was in prison for a crime committed? Hope he and/or you will end up in jail in the US where you’ll have plenty time to rethink your foolishness.

  2. I wouldn’t wear them if you paid me. Real ugly. Lonzo is biggest bust in NBA history and little bro is a shoplifter. Should be renamed big buller brand.


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