Lawmaker Wants Swastika Memorials Removed From U.S. Veterans’ Cemeteries

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It’s a startling sight for any visitor to two U.S. cemeteries supposedly reserved for the remains of those who served their country in uniform: Swastikas emblazoned on the tombstones of three World War II-era German POWs who died in captivity, complete with messages honoring Adolf Hitler.

The campaign to remove the Nazi symbols from the Veterans Administration-run graveyards in Texas and Utah — where they sit alongside memorials to fallen American service members — is rapidly gaining momentum, picking up support from a pair of influential lawmakers and prominent anti-hate groups who say the symbols represent a national disgrace.

That effort gained steam this week when Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Florida Democrat who became the state’s first Jewish congresswoman, called on the Trump administration to take action.

“Allowing these gravestones to remain with the swastikas and messages in place — symbols of hatred, racism, intolerance and genocide — is offensive to veterans who risked, and often lost, their lives defending this country and our way of life,” she said.

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  1. the reason to do this is not based on the fact that it is a symbol of hate, you have the right to display something hateful on your gravestone if you so desire. It is a first amendment protected privilege, like it or not. Hate is a losing argument because it WILL be used against you. If you go that route it is only a matter of time before a bunch of left-wingers would come out and say that the Magen David on your uncle’s tombstone is a symbol of hate toward lgbt values, and we should bulldoze the Jewish section of Arlington National Cemetery (yes there is a large Jewish section there).

    The proper argument would be to say that this is a military cemetery for military heroes who stood up for the USA against Nazi aggression, and it disrespects the solemn memory of those who paid the ultimate price while fighting.


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