Lawmakers To Vote On Changes To NYC’s Muni Meter System


muni-metersNew York City lawmakers are set to vote on a bill today that could end unnecessary parking payments.

Under the measure, the city’s 13,000 Muni Meters would be required to deactivate when parking rules are not in effect or when receipt paper is not available. Currently, if a driver deposits cash into a Muni Meter when payment isn’t required, there’s no way to get a refund.

“We are trying to make the ‘gotcha tickets’ something of the past in the City of New York,” City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said last month. “We want to stop taking money out of people’s pockets that we don’t have a right to take.”

The legislation would have the machines turn off when drivers are not required to pay, including holidays, weekends or off hours. It would also reject money if the machine is unable to print receipts.


{ Newscenter}


  1. how would the meter Police know that the machine is out of paper . yes I will get my quarter back, however I would not have a receipt on the shield and BIGNO I get ticket.

    I am sure they are not going to test the machine & now it would rather be much better to have the machine clearly say no paper. as in the old one when they where broke you where able to see it was broken.

    suppose the machine on side has no paper but the one on the other side had paper. than What ??


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