Lawrence: Brach’s Supermarket to Close

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Brach’s, a kosher grocery store in Lawrence, is slated to close this spring, resulting in 127 employees facing layoffs, according to a state regulatory filing, Newsday reports.

The 40,000-square-foot store at 11 Lawrence Lane is scheduled to close by May 1, after operating for nearly two decades.

The layoffs are scheduled for the same time, according to the notice, posted Monday.

For months, shoppers have noticed empty shelves and encountered employees who declined comment when asked if the store was going out of business, the Jewish Star reports. Last year, Brach’s sold its original store, on Main Street in Kew Gardens Hills, to its across-the-street competitor, Wasserman’s Kosher Supermarket.

The closing comes as Brach’s Five Towns competitors were mounting major expansions in and beyond Long Island. Seasons, which in 2015 opened a 24/6 “Express” location near the Inwood LIRR station, is expanding its Scarsdale store into a large space formerly occupied by Gristedes and is opening major outposts in Baltimore, Cleveland, Lakewood and Passaic. Gourmet Glatt recently opened stores in Woodmere and Lakewood. In Far Rockaway, Kosher World Supermarket was acquired last month by Frankels Kosher Market of Williamsburg.



  1. This post is misleading. KRM (aka the Kollel store)signed and will take over. The only question is if and how long it will be closed during the transition

  2. I truly feel terrible for all the acheinu bnei yisroel who are losing their parnasa. This is not a joke. I hope the competitors realize what they just did. For the fight to be the biggest and wealthiest, they slaughter a lot of lower income employees who still have to pay rent & tuitions for their children, etc…, along the way. The lower income employee’s/workers suffers the most and nobody gives a damn. I was an employee in a different line that had to close because of the new big kid on the block. There is no costumer loyalty anymore like there was in the good old days. They are like non thinking robots who always run after who ever has the biggest most outrageous ads. I davka try to shop in the smaller hemishe stores that were there first, for that specific reason. To all those big shots who couldn’t care less, I say Pheh! You will have to answer to HKB”H after 120.

      • Nuu!and how much do you give to maaser? We are not christians! Socialism isnt pure evil to jews just like capitalism isnt evil to jews! Just remeber god commanded us with certain safeguards to protect the poor ! (Obviously tha was more food based” so next time you give maaser remeber you are taking part in jewish socialism!


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