Lawsuit: Hotel Starved Us During $37K Bat Mitzvah

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A Manhattan couple says a hotel left about 150 bat mitzvah guests so hungry that the adults resorted to raiding the kids’ ice cream, according to a lawsuit.

Mom and party host Nancy Held charges in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit that Hotel Eventi badly botched the $37,000 birthday banquet.



The hotel allegedly offered $1,000 and a night in a suite to make up for the party faux pas, Marc Held said. The couple is seeking $637,000 in damages. The hotel declined comment on the litigation. Read more at NY POST.



  1. Bat mitzvahs are a main reason we have INTERMARRIAGE.

    The woman is only afforded one hope for a special day. Her marriage. The enemy introduced bat mitzvah by the reform and the conservative and her special day is spent. Why any orthodox synagogue would even do a coming of age party is silly. It emulates the reform.

    This is a traditional faith and we are being destroyed. I would love to see more rabbis discuss that a bat mitzvah which does in fact include Torah “reading” in the reform is a complete hate of Israel.

    Let them starve. They had no gift for the holy. I am glad.

    Go back home and wait for the bar mitzvah.

    • Maskim 100%

      The plague of intermarriage, which is now, unfortunately, hovering at or around 50% is primarily the result of Bat Mitzva’s.

      If there were not Bat Mitzva parties, intermarriage would all but cease to exist as the profoundly mournful debacle it is.

      I am surprised beyond belief that Agudas Yisroel did not take on Bat Mitzvas at this years convention; instead they wasted their time with lesser initiatives.

      There is a grassroots organization taking hold to combat this phenomenon of Bat Mitzvas that are destroying our religion. Please join and show your support.

  2. $37,000 for a bat mitzvah party? You should be teaching your daughter about giving tzedakah and doing chesed. This is a total waste of money.

  3. The food that was to have been served wasn’t even Kosher! Nebach! The hotel definitely was wrong in charging so much for so little, but, the “bat mitzva” was also wrong. It wasn’t a religious event, it wasn’t kosher , was way too extravagant and didn’t serve any purpose. There was no mitzva in the “bat mitzva”.


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