Lawyer: ‘Virtually No Serious’ U.S. Engagement With Cuba Since Alan Gross Imprisonment

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alan-gross1The lead attorney for Alan Gross said the recent freedom attained by Jacob Ostreicher, who was held for more than two years in Bolivia, does not shed any light on Gross’s case.

Dec. 3 marked the fourth anniversary of the incarceration of Gross, who is serving a 15-year prison term for helping Cuba’s Jewish community access the Internet while he was a subcontractor for the United States Agency for International Development.

“I think that each of these cases has its own set of facts, including the country that’s holding these people, and that really helps to determine what happens,” Gross’s attorney, Scott Gilbert of Gilbert LLP, told “The United States has a decades-long history of negotiating to obtain the release of Americans who’ve been held in foreign countries that we either have very good diplomatic relations with or very hostile relations with.”

Gilbert said there has been “virtually no serious engagement with the Cuban government to attempt to negotiate Alan’s release” since his imprisonment.

“The Cuban government, at the highest levels, has made very clear to us both privately and publicly that they would sit down with the United States with no preconditions to discuss the conditions of Alan’s release and try to negotiate a resolution, and the United States has yet to sit down and do that,” he said.


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