Lawyer: Menachem Stark’s Business Partner ‘Outraged,’ ‘Distraught’ by Report he May be Suspect in Murder

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menachem-stark5The business partner of R’ Menachem Stark z”l is “distraught” and “outraged” by a report that he may be considered a suspect in the recent murder of his friend, his lawyer told The Algemeiner today.

Henry E. Mazurek, an attorney at Clayman & Rosenberg LLP, said that his client, R’ Yisroel Perlmutter, “…is angered and distraught by such a baseless allegation.”

“Mr. Perlmutter is outraged at any insinuation that he had anything to do with this unthinkable violent act against a dear friend and partner,” Mazurek said.

On Monday night, the New York Daily News reported that Perlmutter was being treated as a possible suspect in the case, citing an unnamed “police source.”

Discounting the report, Mazurek said that “No one from the New York Police Department has publicly claimed – or even implied – that Mr. Perlmutter is a suspect in this terrible crime.”

He also pointed out that the Daily News only cited a single “unnamed source.” At this time, legal action against the Daily News is not under consideration, the lawyer said.

Perlmutter “is still coping with the devastating news of the hideous acts committed against Mr. Stark. He has been grieving the loss of his partner,” the lawyer added.

R’ Menachem was abducted by two men on Friday morning who were seen on surveillance footage bundling him into a white van. He was found dead on Friday afternoon in a Long Island dumpster burnt from the waist down.

R’ Yisroel Perlmutter and Menachem were partners along with a third man, in a real estate firm called Southside Associates LLC, which owned hundreds of housing units.


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