Videos: Lazar and Greenfield Go Head to Head at 44th Council District Debate

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lazar[Multiple Matzav videos below.] Joe Lazar and David Greenfield went head to head at a debate yesterday in advance of the 44th Council District Special Election. The day after Lazar racked up endorsements from 24 prominent yeshiva leaders and his former opponent Nachman Caller, Lazar and Greenfield discussed important issues in front of a crowd of over 400 neighborhood residents who had packed the house at the Boro Park Y for the Jewish Press-sponsored debate.

 The much-anticipated debate didn’t disappoint.

“Experience, experience, experience,” touted Lazar at one point. “You cannot fix something you don’t understand!”

The four candidates, Greenfield, Lazar, Jonathan Judge and Avrohom Shlomo Tischler, debated myriad issues relating to the community.

 The nearly three-hour long debate moderated by Nachum Segel featured questions both from the crowd and members of the editorial board of the Jewish Press and covered every issue of concern to the 44th Council District from education and affordable housing to the candidates’ records and stance on social issues.

 Lazar received a partial standing ovation at the end of his closing remarks, when he pointed to his four-year-old grandson, Yitzi, seated toward the front of the crowd and explained that he was the reason Lazar was running for City Council. “Like many of you, I raised my children and my grandchildren in this community,” said Lazar. “I want to be your City Councilman to keep this community great so that our grandchildren will want to raise their children in this community too.”

The 44th Council District Special Election to replace Councilman Simcha Felder will be held on March 23rd, 2010.

Click on the screens below to watch video clips of various protions of yesterday’s event:

1. Opening Statements by David Greenfield and Joe Lazar:

[media id=574 width=400 height=300]

2. How Should a Council Member Vote:

[media id=575 width=400 height=300]

3. How to Be an Effective Council Member:

[media id=576 width=400 height=300]

4. Debate On Affordable Housing:

[media id=577 width=400 height=300]

5. Debate On Senior Issues:

[media id=578 width=400 height=300]

6. Funding for Programs and Aid to Yeshivos:

[media id=579 width=400 height=300]

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  1. I’m was listening to the debate and I just cant believe my ears, what a chilul hashem Joe lazar created when was asked about Controversial issues like same gender marriage.

    Look what he answers.

    “We should take into account a little bit of both personal views and the views of the constituents, when determining how to vote. And the public is the one that puts people into office and their wishes need to be met”

    Gevalt, how low are we going, how dare he talk like that .why is he not ashamed of himself .we are in the times before the mabil.b’h that hashem promised us never again to have a mabil. But the mabil came because of this smutz.
    Lazar how dare you say that you will do the public wishes .are you not bound buy the torah & buy the ruling of our gedolim who dictate how we should behave and vote.
    the state senator goy from briton beach voted againt this kind of smutz and you seem to defend it ,I dont know who you are trying to please.
    Is that why we need a so-called heimishe candidate, this is a disgrace.
    At the same time I look how David Greenfield replied, what a Kiddush hashem you created.
    Look at quote
    “As a religious Jew, and very proud of my beliefs And i think people shouldn’t sell out their personal views for political expediency. And i will take this value to City Hall, and not apologize for being religious.”

    I just hope the oilam realizes what is going on here. And this is besides all other issues why I think David is the right candidate.
    The torah choice is clear David Greenfield as our city councilman.

  2. 3, Unfortunately many do not get the point.

    If this would be a race between non-orthodox Jews in this district, a person with views of such sort would be non-greta. How can someone even think of pulling the lever for someone that says that there is a chance he might vote for laws that every Gadol and Posek in every generation vehemently opposed?

    While I have more issues that this one with that particular candidate (as I’ve stated here before) it definately should be pointed out to make voters aware of his stance on this issue. As to revelance, I do agree with you that Jonathan Judge has much to offer (so to speak, at least more than the other two im the race), however, I still believe that David Greenfield did have more innovative ideas and solutions to our issues and problems, hence my support to him.

    The authentic ‘Serious in BP’.

  3. Joe Lazar has thus far refused to appear at an oncampus debate sponsored by Touro College because he feels that Greenfield does not have a “record to debate.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

    David Greenfield is an experienced attorney who has been working for years to make New York more affordable. Mr. Greenfield is the Director and Counsel of TEACH NYS, which is the only umbrella group that advocates on behalf of the parents of the 500,000 Catholic, Jewish, and Independent school children in New York State. David’s successful strategy for TEACH NYS led to recently enacted legislation that provides for $600 million in tax-credits for parents of all school-age children in New York. Thanks to his advocacy, thousands of non-public school students are now eligible for free tutoring services through the federal Title I program.

    Mr. Greenfield also serves as Executive Vice President of the Sephardic Community Federation (SCF). SCF is the umbrella government relations and public policy organization of the Sephardic Jewish Community. In that capacity, Greenfield works closely with public officials at every level of government to improve the lives of all New Yorkers.

    David, who is an expert in education policy, is a mayoral appointee to the prestigious New York Non-Public School Standing Committee. This select committee serves as the liaison between New York government and the non-public school community. As a member of the committee, David plays a critical role in addressing important issues affecting hundreds of thousands of New York’s children and advocating on their behalf. Most recently, Mr. Greenfield spearheaded a three-year campaign that culminated in the successful effort to provide free tutoring to thousands of students in New York City. These free tutoring services are valued at tens of millions of dollars each and every year.

    David is known for his honesty and integrity. His reputation for “telling it like it is” has made his advice sought after by leading public officials. Mr. Greenfield has advised countless public officials on political strategy and public policy. In addition, David is a popular television, radio and newspaper political commentator. His “Weekly Political Wrap-up” can be heard frequently on the radio on 620AM. He also has a weekly “Inside Politics” internet podcast on Yeshiva World News that is downloaded by tens of thousands of listeners each week. Mr. Greenfield has routinely appeared in news media around the world. Aside from multiple television appearances, most recently on Fox News, David has been quoted by national newspapers and is a frequent political analyst on Russian and Israeli radio stations.

    Mr. Greenfield is a graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC and Touro College in New York City where he graduated summa cum laude and was valedictorian.

    Prior to his work at the Sephardic Community Federation and TEACH NYS, David served as Deputy Director of Finance to Senator Joe Lieberman’s presidential campaign and as Chief of Staff to NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind. Before that, Mr. Greenfield practiced corporate law at the national law firm of Rosenman & Colin LLP.

    Within the 44th CD, Touro College has two schools. The Machon Leparnasa and the School for Lifelong Education, where I teach law. Additionally, the Lander College for Arts and Sciences, located on Avenue J and East 14th street, abuts the 44th CD. Collectively, students in these campuses, their families and friends represent thousands of voters.

    A request by students was made to the candidates to appear for a discussion and debate. This debated would be moderated by Howard Kleinhendler, Esq., a Touro graduate, and a candidate for United States Congress in New Jersey.

    To date, Joe Lazar has refused to attend. This is surprising as he contends that he has brought programs into the community that generate “tens of millions of dollars per year”. If that is indeed true, it is indeed a record to be proud of and we would like to know more.

    Aaron Tyk, Esq.
    Professor of Law
    Touro College

  4. Profressor Tyk,
    They just did a 3 hour debate last night. How many debates do you want them to do? What makes you think they will say anything new or different. Genuk shoin. More debates are a waste of time. Don’t be a sore loser because the Jewish Press got the debate and not Touro.

  5. My opinion watching the debate live.

    David Greenfield: did the best job, offering great ideas, showing a very good understanding of the issues and problems, presenting great and simple solutions, and ultimately showing that he has the courage and qualifications -backed up by a great record- to get things done in legislative government branches

    Joe Lazar: did very good in presenting himself as the oldest and most experienced candidate and highlighting the importance of experience, but failed to give any specifics what and how he will get the job done, l myself think he would be a very good assistant to an elected official but I don’t think he has the needed leadership and courage to demand and fight for the community.

    Jonathon Judge: was full of red meat rhetoric

    Abe Tischler: I don’t even want to bother talking about

    summing it up I will vote iy”h for DAVID GREENFIELD for city council, and I would recommend that Joe Lazar should go back to work in the government offices or for an elected official
    Reply »

  6. Aaron Tyk, while we all feel for you that your feelings are a little hurt that JP got a forum and your college was left out the reality is that Mr. Lazar is clearly more experienced. Joe proved that while he’s philosophically opposed to debates, because they aren’t productive, he clearly isn’t scared. I happen to agree that to sit there and speculate about what they are going to do in the council is a lot of talk and it comes down to who the better talker is and talk is cheap. Look at records for what they’ve done and one on one interviews for their plans in the council.
    To everyone else…. All This media coverage is really great for Greenfield and Judge. Kudos to both of them for wanting to make a name for themselves for future runs.. Any political Analyst knows that Joe has the all important PULL required to win this special election. It wont even be close.


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