Leaders of Various Chassidishe Mosdos Back Greenfield for NY City Council

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greenfieldIn his bid for the New York City Council, Boro Park resident David G. Greenfield is building support in the Chasidic community. Leaders of the Mosdos of Bobov, Pupa, Munkatsch, Boyan, & Krasne have endorsed

Greenfield, an attorney and education advocate, joining some Jewish community leaders in their support of David Greenfield for City Council.

The list of leaders of the Boro Park mosdos supporting Greenfield include: Rabbi Shaye Schwartz, Yoshev Rosh h’Mosdos; R’ Shlomie Weber, Rosh Hanhalah, T”T Kehilos Yankev & Bnos Yankev Pupa of Boro Park; R’ Duvid Vogel – Administrator, Yeshiva Bais Hillel D’Krasne; R’ Yonah Glatzer – Board Member, Boyan Mosdos; R’ Pinches Leib Mayer – Administrator, T”T Tiferes Bunim Munkatch; R’ Rueven Lefkowits – Administrator, T”T Ohr Moishe; R’ Naftule Sofer – Administrator, T”T Darkei Chaim; R’ Avrum Schiff – Administrator, T”T Ohr Torah.

In a letter being released to the Boro Park community, these mechanchim cited Greenfield’s experience, his record of helping the community, and his approach to accessing government funding for yeshivas and yeshiva parents.

“David Greenfield’s youthful energy and creative approach to problem solving will benefit our mosdos now, and years from now,” wrote the leaders of the mosdos. “He has already proposed an alternative transportation plan that would ensure students receive free private bus transportation to yeshiva. This will save yeshivas and parents thousands of dollars – and the City and mosdos millions.”

“As a community, we are faced with a choice,” they continued. “We can continue to settle for just enough, or we can choose to have more – more funding for education, more services for our students and more opportunities for their futures. On March 23rd, we must unite and choose more. In fact, we must demand the very best. It is our belief the best candidate for City Council is David Greenfield, and we encourage you to join us in supporting David in the March 23rd election.”

Greenfield expressed gratitude for the support of all these wonderful askanim by explaining, “I am humbled to have the support of so many of the leaders of our community’s yeshivas. They are the ones that have seen so much of what we have already achieved for all of our community mosdos in the form increased government funding for yeshivas, tax credits for parents, and free tutoring for students. I look forward to working with these askanim in City Hall to achieve even greater results for our community.”

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  1. you can read exclusive interviews with all 3 candidates lazar, greenfield, judge, even caller in a magazine called HaChaim, i saw it in the stands, unbiased reporting

  2. This is a blow for Hikind and a lesson to all Chicago-style politicians. We now have a decent coalition of prestigious Boro Park Mosdos that despite being under threat endorsed the one that is better for us. We need another representative that will represent us and not those politicians.

    What can a city councilman do already to really make a difference for us? All holidays are off for alternate side parking already. Anyone can ask for more projects and permits to be built to have more housing. We need someone to fight for our rights. Someone that will help each and every one of us financially. Why do we pay so much tax if we don’t recieve it’s benefits? Why can’t we get schooling just like everyone? Joe Lazar’s backers say it’s unconstitutional, but we say: We want better!

    I like David Greenfield’s plans on saving us more money towards tuition. So many schools out there are struggling. Teacher can’t feed their families and go on strike. Parents spend up to their last penny to afford tuition. We deserve better. We need that voice in the council. We need an ambitious fellow with strength and energy to demand what’s better for us!

    Kudos again to all of these community leaders and school administrators that stood up for our rights amid the pressure. May all other ‘Askanim’ learn from you and together fight the old-style political machine. We have one Chicago politician representing us in the White House and he hasn’t done us much good.

    David, you got my vote. I prefer Achdus in the Jewish community rather than Unity between Lander and Heyer…

  3. Serious in BP / greenfield operative

    Get a life! There is not one significant name on the whole list. The blow is to the silly media outlets that are picking up desperate propaganda by Team Greenfield. The fact that Greenfield could pick up one serious mosod in boro park is very telling. There are hundreds of schools in boro park and he managed to swindle the endorsement of a few small yeshivos. He claims to have bobov and he doesn’t have a single valuable name from either bobuv. In my opinion, Greenfield knows he is through and is just looking to create as much noise as he can in preparation for another run later on.

  4. Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing with the Greenfield campaign and never met him or any of his campaign to my knowledge.

    I understand that some of you are hurt. I saw the Joe Lazar campaign propaganda and I believe that that is nothing but noise. I’ve seen nothing but self-exclaimed Askanim and representatives from Belz. To my understanding there was neither administrators from Bobov, Satmar etc. and at this point of the race with all of this arm-twisting tactics by Hikind & Co. it says a whole lot.

    To be clear: I can say with near-certainty that it is you that works for a campaign and that of Lazar. Who are you directing your anger at? The websites that stand at the fore-front of accurate reporting? What do you expect of them? To put a picture of the man Lazar pushed out of the race together with him, so it appears as an endorsement? To place a letter of Lazar fighting Shabbos tickets after he jumped on Greenfields band-wagon? To totally ignore a major player and front-runner in this race? To place a wrong photo on a headline questioning Lazar’s photo with a NYPD Commanding Officer (and that was more than just a stupid website, that was a major newspaper in NY!)? I can go on and on. But Matzav has recently exposed that malicious inaccurate blog, so why elaborate?!

    And about Vito Lopez. #1, Yes! I’d rather go for Vito Lopez than Dov Hikind. Lopez did SOMETHING in his political career, while Hikind did NOTHING! Lopez at least serves his people, Hikind is off to Israel every now and then! Hikind has been uncontested ever since and does whatever he feels like doing, for his political benefits, while Lopez can mess up and lose reelection.
    Secondly, how can you compare the two? Vito Lopez might be supporting David Greenfield (just as our fellow indicted Hikind-backed Kevin Parker is backing Lazar), while Hikind is actually running Lazar’s campaign. It is him that’s doing the talking, it his him getting the coerced endorsements and it’s even him address on Lazar’s fliers!

    I very well understand you guys You are hurt, not everything went as planned. Next time know the definition of Achdus- Unite! – Not against a fellow Jew, but with all fellow Jews…

    P.S. I appreciate you taking the time to reply to my comment, but please answer my answer and don’t get off subject.
    How in the world will I ever benefit from all of those that endorsed Lazar over there dedicated school administrators?
    What will Lazar give those that endorsed him that will be to our benefit?
    What will these endorsee’s do for me to have cheaper tuition?

  5. Greenfeild would be a tragedy to the Jewish community. We can see from day one that he will sell Jewish values in a heart in order to advance his personal political career. Look at his endorsements, he runs to ED Koch, Micheal Bloomberg and Joe Lieberman. 3 big jewish liberals!!! 3 people that have NO jewish values in their blood!!
    Ed Koch ALWAYS bad mouthing the hassidik/Frum communities,
    Bloomberg pushing as hard as he can for hashchasa marriage AND made it MANDATORY for every doctor to learn how to perform an abortion, and when it comes to funding we see he sells us down the river when he doesn’t need us.
    And then Lieberman who is in support of PARTIAL BIRTH (yes that when the baby can even cry!!) abortion r’l.
    At least the Aguda gets $$ for being together with Bloomberg and Lieberman- and that is an argument in itself. but Greenfeild is only doing it for personal gain


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